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Kraken Raises $13 Million with the help of 2000 Investors


Kraken, a San Francisco based virtual currency exchange has raised around $13 million in investments by an online organized fundraising program named Bank To The Future (BF). This is noted to be the largest financial crowdfunding investment round that Kraken’s BF blue is to manage. It has received the investments …

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CCN Shutdown : Google core update, ensuing decline in traffic on Crypto Sites


On 3rd June 2019, Google has got its update recently. Strikingly, crypto sites have lost significant traffic due to this upgrade than the other websites. While other sites are trying to manage, one much-known crypto site, CCN, got to shut down for its own good. Google has put this upgrade …

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ConsenSys Announced Restructuring As Founding partner Kavita Gupta Left her Role


Consensys is one of the leading blockchain technology firms, it is a New York-based firm founded in 2014 by Joseph Lubin. Kavita Gupta head of the ConsenSys joined the company, ConsenSys Venture in 2017 as it was launched in San Francisco, administrating the budget of $50 million funded by the …

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Gate.io made $64 million to introduce new Cryptocurrency


Gate.io, the cryptocurrency exchange has gained $64 million in its crypto estate to introduce their own digital currency and blockchain technology by the help of an Initial exchange offering (IEO). Gate.io has to stay put the cryptocurrency launch for almost six months. As per the reports, in which it is …

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East Asian Countries China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan comes with regulations as Cryptocurrencies frontline


There was newly reported around the media sources in the world that this week earlier China’s financial scheming agency was thinking about banning Bitcoin mining. Along with low-cost electricity creating Bitcoin mining very benefiting, China has highly been regarded as the capital of world cryptocurrency mining, even after that their …

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis Over the Week


Let us look at some of the detailed indicators of the price movement of the Bitcoin (BTC) through the week. The Bollinger bands pointed a bearish market as the moving average line was above the candlestick. The Awesome Oscillator again showed a bearish trend. Chaikin Money Flow was below the …

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