Reliance on Stablecoins Increasing in Pandemic

Total issuance was 3466 which accounts for 50.29% and in terms of USD it was $155.63 accounting for 79.12%USDT market for stable currency increased...
gas Network Congestion Causes Crypto Traders to use XRP for Transfer of Balance Bitcoin, Ethereum

New Crypto Benchmarking Study Reveals Some of the Important Aspects of Crypto Industries

Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge's study strongly hints that the cryptocurrency market has officially entered the growth phaseThe study focuses on...
stock exchange numbers

World’s 14 Leading Banks Losses Money Equal to 3x Market Cap of Bitcoin

Prior to COVID-19, there were 6 banks with a market capitalization larger than BitcoinPost pandemic only 2 banks have been able to retain the...
Australia digital payments

Australians Prefer Digital Payment and Horde Cash to Fight Against COVID-19

Aussies are opting for digital mode contradicts Australia’s Reserve Bank’s report (RBA) claims that the demand for cash has increased by AUD $11 billion...
Stablecoin Demand Soars Amid Global Risk and Uncertainity This Year

Total Stablecoin Market Cap Surpasses $11 Billion Mark

The Stablecoin market sees heavy growth this year, reaching great heights. Amidst the global pandemic, the digital assets market has been suffering huge...
Bitcoin's Revival In 2020 Can Pose Challenges For The US Dollar

Bitcoin’s Revival In 2020 Can Pose Challenges For The US Dollar

Experts suggest that 2020 may help in the widespread growth of cryptocurrencies vastly. A huge amount of people are seeking the benefits of...
sec 2

SEC FinHub To Host Virtual P2P Meetups

SEC has announced that the wing for Innovations and Financial Technology will hold virtual meetups with the industry tech giants. The SEC or...
Bitcoin China

China’s Bitcoin Market Faces Huge Downfall Amid Covid-19

Reports from Chinese agencies state that this week there was a 15% decrease in Bitcoin's value. The global coronavirus pandemic has made the...
Revolut Fires Employees Coronavirus

Revolut Reportedly Fires Over 50 employees Amid Coronavirus Cost-cutting

Revolut allows its customers to exchange fiduciary currency with cryptocurrencies such as  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.  The fintech startup reportedly asked...
Cardano founder and Ethereum Co-founder Charles Hoskinson Comes Out In Bitcoin Support covid-19 bobby lee bitcoin

Bloomberg: “Bitcoin will ApproachRecord High of $20,000 This Year”

The Bloomberg Crypto Outlook opens with the strong statement, " Something has to really go wrong for Bitcoin to not increase in price."  ...
south korea cryptocurrency

South Korea To Spend 258.6 Billion Won for International Blockchain standardization

A “2020 National Standard Implementation plan” resolved mutually by the 16 departments, ministries, and agencies. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural affair...
Coronavirus Pandemic Unlocks New Opportunities For Cryptocurrency Worldwide

Coronavirus Pandemic Unlocks New Opportunities For Cryptocurrency Worldwide

While the coronavirus outbreak has shaken the pillars of the strongest sectors, it seems to unlock new opportunities for the cryptocurrency. Amidst...

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