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Riksbank CBDC

Sweden to soon launch its CBDC in the coming five years

CBDC leader of Europe will issue its own digital e-Krona tokens within the next five years Currently, the central bank digital currency is in...

How European countries strongly welcomed cryptocurrencies?

The current plan laid down in MiCA is for the European Banking Authority to take on the supervisor role of stablecoin issuersThe markets that...

Economist condemns Bitcoin statements of ECB chief Christine Lagarde

Daniel Lacalle, in an interview with NTD Business on Sunday, responded to Christine Lagarde's recent remarks about bitcoin and crypto regulationDaniel argued that Christine...

FiCAS ETPs Available Across European Market

FiCAS attains regulatory approval for cryptocurrency exchange-traded products; ETP's available to all Investors in European Markets. . FiCAS, a swiss-based management boutique has successfully closed...

Digital change is essential however we don’t uphold private cryptocurrencies- German Finance Minister

Germany's Finance Minister Olaf Scholz has referenced secretly given cryptocurrencies resources.The European Union (EU), including Germany, is quickening innovative work on the Central Bank...
european union

European Union to Declare a Regulatory Framework for Cryptocurrency

European Union to establish a new group of supervisorsThe draft for the regulation is expected to be 167 pages long and is anticipated to...
CF Benchmark ultra cap 5

CF Benchmark launches a new Index- Ultra Cap 5

The newly launched index of CF Benchmark will represent $226.5 billion market capitalization at the time of their launchCF Benchmarks is a UK Financial...
Bank of england on CBDC

Bank of England to hold Meeting on Central Bank Digital Currency

Bank of England and other central banks will consider application and designs for a CBDC on August 19Hosted by Official Monetary and Financial Institutions...

Report : 42% of Top EU Founders Choose Blockchain Technology For Cost Reduction

Blockchain technology startups are a craze in the European market but they still lag their US counterparts. The startups founded in the most powerful...
money laundring

Custody Over Crypto Assets: An Overview On EU’s Crypto-Money Laundering Policies

The European Union (EU) is in a situation where they have no other option than to treat cryptocurrency giants to be obligated under the...

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