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JIO Blockchain: India might witness the world’s largest blockchain networks within 12 months


One can hardly deny the fact that despite our rapid technological achievements, India somehow still lacks behind when it comes to the Blockchain network as well as the crypto market. However, with Reliance Jio’s incredible pledge of establishing the world’s largest blockchain networks, might change the entire scenario drastically. Moreover, …

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Is India Going To Criminalize The Exchange Of Cryptocurrency?

10 year Jail

There have been lots of speculations and rumours going around about India not being open to the idea of cryptocurrency and a possible ban of the legal usage of cryptocurrency. These speculations had even caused Libra to reconsider its decision to launch in India. There seems to be some light …

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For Draper Indian leaders are “Pathetic and Corrupt” to Ban Bitcoin, contrarily #IndiaWantsCrypto trend got viral in India

tim india

With the continuous news reports about the ban of all cryptocurrencies except sovereign token from the Indian government’s stance and the news being spread all over social media, controversy start rolling underneath of the viral fact. Myriad people have a varied variety of opinion, Tim Draper, Billionaire venture capitalist is …

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Speculations Arise On India Banning All Cryptocurrencies Except Digital Rupees

10 year Jail

Local blockchain legal experts are circulating draft legislation that would allegedly impose a ban on the use of cryptocurrencies in India on social media. Varun Sethi, a tech lawyer has published an unverified document on Scribd on July 15 which reveals a draft bill entitled “Banning of Cryptocurrency & Regulation …

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India Gears Up For Cryptocurrency By Educating High Ranking Officials On It


As the Indian government prepares the regulatory framework for cryptocurrency, the country’s police force is working on educating law enforcement officers on cryptocurrency. India’s premier police training academy, the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVP NPA), has announced a course on the subject to train officers of the Indian …

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Indian Crypto Drama: Question Mark on Legalizing Cryptocurrency in India


Cryptocurrency has now become a famous currency in the worldwide market. People are investing and trading them and they are gaining so much profit from them. Still, in India, the government has been strict about cryptocurrency trading and investment. It’s been more than a decade for cryptocurrency in the global …

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Another Crypto Exchange Coinome is Shutting down in India


The Indian cryptocurrency market is now again watching another cryptocurrency exchange Coinome’ to shutdowns its shop in Indian. It is very difficult for the cryptocurrency exchanges to keep their business running in the Indian markets with a restriction on bank support. The crypto exchange will stop functioning from May 15. …

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