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Amazon’s Rival Rakuten Could Trigger the Next Bitcoin Bull Run?


Rakuten, the giant e-commerce firm in Japan with more than 102 million consumers and the 14th biggest online firm in the world by yearly revenue, has officially stepped into the cryptocurrency exchange market. In a formal announcement given by the firm Rakuten, they stated that their wallet named ‘Rakuten Wallet’ …

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East Asian Countries China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan comes with regulations as Cryptocurrencies frontline


There was newly reported around the media sources in the world that this week earlier China’s financial scheming agency was thinking about banning Bitcoin mining. Along with low-cost electricity creating Bitcoin mining very benefiting, China has highly been regarded as the capital of world cryptocurrency mining, even after that their …

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G20 Summit Leaders could be decisive about Crypto Regulation Framework in June

G20 summit bitcoin

The Bitcoin strengthen bullish movement this week catches the attraction of the governments and other financial organizations, and with many experts and popular personalities are talking about the same thing. The governments and financial organizations are accepting cryptocurrency in welcoming nature, except the regulation over cryptocurrency are still not in …

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Japan’s Largest Railway Company Accepting New Crypto-Based Payment System


Kazuhiro Tokita, representative director, member, and president at Japanese cryptocurrency exchange DeCurret, unveils a brand new cryptocurrency payment system throughout a business presentation in the Tokyo on 27 March. The new system would change the Suica payment card issued by the East Japan Railway Company (JR East), Japan’s biggest railway company, to be topped-up with cryptocurrency. Still, the report …

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