European Union to Declare a Regulatory Framework for Cryptocurrency

European Union to establish a new group of supervisorsThe draft for the regulation is expected to be 167 pages long and is anticipated to...

Facebook’s ‘Libra’ Doesn’t Find Much Takers

A recent IBD/TIPP poll has revealed that as much 85% voters are not keen over the release of Facebook's very own digital currency, LibraAgain...

Digital Dollar a Potential Competition to Bitcoin, Predicts Raghuram Rajan

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Libra by Facebook could also play a role even if central banks start issuing their own digital currencies, says former Reserve...
Libra and Bitcoin CBDCs future

Former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan comments on Bitcoin having a place with CBDCs

Former RBI Governor and economist says Libra and Bitcoin will play part in CBDCsThe banker who predicted the 2008 crisis compares Bitcoin to goldRaises...
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Facebook Financial To Enhance Payment Services

Over a tweet, Marcus announced the creation of Facebook Financial which according to him will look after payment solutions. The new initiative aims at enabling...
Facebook's Libra Association HSBC Stuart levey As CEO

Facebook’s Libra Faces An Unclear Future: Investors Pulling Out

The concept of digital currency that Facebook came up with was an interesting opportunity initially. Facebook isn’t an appealing option for investment anymore, owing...
How Facebook Cryptocurrency Libra 2.0 Faced Regulatory Uncertainty

Libra Vice Chairperson Dante Disparte Says Facebook’s Libra Will Coexist With CBDC

Dante Disparte, the Vice Chairperson and Head of Policy and Communications at Libra Association, opined in a seminar named "Digital Currencies: The Future...
Facebook calibra Wallet For Libra Digital Currency Rebranded As Novi

Facebook’s Calibra Wallet For Libra Digital Currency Rebranded As ‘Novi’

The social media giant Facebook announced on 26 May the rebranding of its Calibra wallet to Novi. The digital wallet platform now...
Coronavirus Pandemic Unlocks New Opportunities For Cryptocurrency Worldwide

Coronavirus Pandemic Unlocks New Opportunities For Cryptocurrency Worldwide

While the coronavirus outbreak has shaken the pillars of the strongest sectors, it seems to unlock new opportunities for the cryptocurrency. Amidst...
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Libra Association Announced Robert Werner As its General Counsel

The Libra Association announced Robert Werner as its general counsel today. Moreover, Wernes has great experience from both the public and private sectors. Furthermore, Facebook’s significant...
DCEP, Digital yuan China’s Bitcoin-Like Crypto Makes A Mark After Facebook Crypto Libra Drops

Facebook Libra Vs. Digital Yuan: Who Is The Winner?

Facebook announced its crypto with the nonprofit Switzerland-based Libra Association. China proposed to use its digital currencies for major payment platforms including in Alipay and...
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Facebook’s Libra Association Announced Libra Improvement Proposal Update

Facebook's Libra announced the update on maintainer, lead maintainer, and libra improvement proposals (LIP). TSC also appointed four maintainers, which are going to...
Facebook's Libra Association HSBC Stuart levey As CEO

Facebook’s Libra Association Appoints HSBC Chief Legal Officer As Its First CEO

Stuart Levey becomes the first CEO of the Libra Group, the company behind Facebook's potential cryptocurrency Libra. He expressed his delight to enlist...

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Ethereum rises 7%, hits record high, breaks $4000 mark

Ethereum went to a record high of $4141.99 by rising 7%in the last 24 hoursBitcoin’s saw a surge of 2.96% in the week ending...

Morgan Creek CMO Mark Yusko Sees Big Potential In Bitcoin, Says It Will Reach $250k Mark

Morgan Creek Capital Management founder and CMO Mark Yusko believe that Bitcoin will reach to $250k mark within five years. He believes that Bitcoin...

SpaceX To Launch DOGE-1 Satellite to the Moon Funded By Dogecoin in 2022

DOGE-1 will be launched aboard Falcon 9The weight of the satellite is 88 pounds Dogecoin entirely funds the project  Geometric Energy Corporation, a Canadian Engineering Firm,...

Cryptocurrency Companies Hire Lobbyists And Lawyers Over Moves To Regulate Them

Cryptocurrency Companies try to influence policymakers in WashingtonLobbyist include many ex-officials from SECIncreasing efforts to Regulate Cryptocurrencies As the scope of Cryptocurrency grows wider, Federal...