Chinese MicroBT May Go Public in the U.S.

MicroBT, China’s manufacturer of Bitcoin-mining machines, is likely to offer its stocks to the public in the U.S. as per recent reports.The Initial Public...
Ebang business expansion

Ebang to launch its own digital assets exchange

Ebang plans to launch digital assets exchange by Q1 2021The firm has already finished the internal test of the crypto exchangeEbang has established a...
Soaring hash rate

Competition for Bitcoin’s hash rate is soaring

The competition for BItcoin’s hash rate is rising as several mining firms are purchasing equipment in bulkThree major mining firms Riot Blockchain, Core Specific,...
RIOT blockchain s19 purchase

Another NASDAQ listed company, Riot purchases 8000 S19 Miners

Riot Blockchain, NASDAQ listed company has a purchase agreement of 8000 S19 Pro mining equipment with BitmainTech PTE LTDIt will bring the mining efficiency...
crypto miners tool

Nasdaq’s Listed Marathon Patent and Ebang International Expand Business with Bitman

Bitmain and Marathon patent Group enters in contract to purchase Antimers.Bitmain will be delivering a total of 13,520 miners who will be generating 1.55...
nasdaq Diginex

Diginex Prepared For Its Upcoming NASDAQ Listing

Diginex is right on track for it's upcoming Nasdaq Stock Exchange listing in September. Diginex in July 2019 announced its intention to go...
bitcoin Asset

Bloomberg Analyst Claims Bitcoin Can Survive Longer Than Nasdaq

Bitcoin prices have been soaring with the news that the leading digital currency hitting the $10,000 mark. Mike McGlone, Bloomberg's Senior Commodity Strategist...

Nasdaq’s Marketplace Services Platform Provides A Robust Cloud Environment

Nasdaq has initiated a new service known as 'Marketplace Services Platform. It gives users a complete experience of end to end service for...

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