crypto payments

David Barral as the first footballer to deal via crypto in Spain

First-ever crypto deal recorded in the history of Spanish footballDavid Barral signed the agreement with DUX Inter de Madrid by receiving the entire amount...
Digital currency concept

IMF Exploring on Digital Currency

The concept of digital currency and payments is very vast and requires lot of clarifications to avoid any possible loopholes. Since the usage is...
nexus 6 review

Expansion in the Services of Nexus Mutual – From Decentralized To Centralized Exchanges

Nexus has been known for using the digital token to revitalize the conventional mutual cover idea. It was only based upon skeptical decentralized exchanges (DEX)...
OCC crypto payments

Bank payments can now be made using blockchain and stablecoins

Financial banks and federal savings associations in the US can now use stablecoins and blockchain technology for payments Such institutions and associations can validate,...
Parliament passes Bill to tighten regulations on virtual payment service providers dealing with cryptocurrenc

Parliament keeps vigil on Digital payment service providers, passes new bill

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has altered the regulations in the act and each service provider will be expected to follow the rules...
crypto payment app market

The global crypto payment app market is booming across the world

Research Insights has published an analysis report of the global crypto payment app marketThe analysis report consists of 7 chapters, including an overview, analysis,...
Orchid VPN service

VPN a vital need in the blockchain industry

Steve Waterhouse has recently revealed the aims and objective of VPN service provider firm Orchids in an interview with the COINPOST Orchid is focused on...
Paypal and Venmo May Enter Crypto Space_ Rumors of New Crypto Wallet

Jeremy Allaire, Co-Founder & CEO Circle Keen on using PayPal to Buy Bitcoin

PayPal announced that both direct payment and in-app purchase of cryptocurrencies would officially launch by next year on their platformThere is no specification available...
tom emmer

US Congressman Tom Emmer Accepts Donations in Cryptocurrencies for Re-election

The first-ever crypto town hall event, chaired by Tom Emmer, was organized on August 20 in association with the Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC)...
Oak motors crypto payments

Post Oak Automobile Retailers Will Now Accept Ethereum Payments

Back in 2018, this Boston based automobile retailer became the first of its kind to become the first of its kind to accept payments...
Bangladesh blockchain Paymnet

Bangladesh’s First-ever Blockchain Transaction Successful

Viyellatex is a ready-made garment exporter firm and exports approximately $300 million worth garments and textile productsThe Bangladeshi CEO of the Standard Chartered Bank,...
Ripple XRP Accounts Potency: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

Ripple Partner Volante Selected By The First American Trust FSB

Ripple partner Volante's US Fedwire as a Service in the cloud selected by First American Trust FSB.  Volante Fedwire as a Service in the cloud...
XRP-powered Coil Integrates With WordPress To Offer XRP Tra

Media Mogul Conde Nast tests Web Monetization Platform Coil

Web monetization is an alternative revenue model as it does not rely on advertising your work, virtually or digitally. Content creators will...
Uphold To Partner With TAP Network To Expand Online Merchant Base

Uphold To Partner With TAP Network To Expand Online Merchant Base

TAP Network partnered with Uphold, a multi-asset crypto wallet provider. Uphold offers 27 national currencies, six stablecoins, and 30 cryptocurrencies, along with four...

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