EXMO funds hacked through Poloniex, Authorities keep a strict vigil

EXMO hot wallets hacked via Poloniex exchangeThe attackers have stolen worth $4million on December 21, 2020Total 6% of its crypto assets have been lost...

Plaintiffs File Class Action Lawsuit Against Bittrex and Poloniex Again

The plaintiffs claim that both Bittrex, Poloniex had used Bitcoin addresses, which were explicitly created by them to manipulate the market. Two exchanges...
poloniex tron 3

Poloniex Announces A New Token Launching Platform – LaunchBase

Poloniex is now announcing the establishment of an exclusive token launching platform, LaunchBase to enhance quality-based blockchain ventures to nurture and grow its...
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Poloniex Adds 19 Fiat Currencies to Buy Bitcoin on Platform

Poloniex exchange gives the option to buy BTC using 19 different fiat currencies. In the registration process, the new user can expand the...

Controversial Deleted Tweet by Poloniex Unearthed

Poloniex endorses TRON in a new tweet which was deleted. People speculate that Poloniex may have hit rock bottom. TRON’s plans of acquiring Poloniex. American digital exchange,...

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