Bitcoin user data breached

A massive data breach exposed the weakness of the Bitcoin community

It is now revealed that June's data breach of Ledger consisted of information of more than 2,70,000 users Scammers published the breached data on...
BitGrail self hacking

The chief of BitGrail is accused of its own exchanges hack

Italian cybercrime agency accused the founder of BitGrail for the hacking activity The firm seems to have knowingly ignored the security flaws and took...
sec ico 1 2

The SEC Updates the Definition of Accredited Investors

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have today decided to update the definition of the accredited investors.The SEC has also updated the list...

Former Uber Security Chief Charged in Hacking Cover-up

Former Uber security chief Joseph Sullivan, on Thursday, was accused by the US Prosecutors that he had compromised the security of more than 57...
SEC BoonTech

The SEC Accuses Boontech and Its CEO For Violating Federal Security Laws

SEC reveals that between the November 2017 and January 2018 period, BoonTech had sold approximately $5 million worth its native token, Boon Coin to...
microsoft AI

Microsoft Reveals Crypto Mining Attack on Kubeflow ML

Microsoft reported that it had discovered a number of Kubernetes clusters infected with a crypto mining code. Kubernetes is an open-source machine learning...
The 'Iranian Exchange' BITISIS Closed Down Operations Prime Factor Capital

The ‘Iranian Exchange’ BITISIS Closed Down Operations

The police have shut down the 'Iranian Exchange’ BITISIS. China established BITISIS. Now, there is a seizing of all the assets of the...
South Africa Cryptocurrency Scam Founder Plead Guilty

Centra Tech’s Founders Convicted in ICO Fraud Case

The founder of Centra Tech pleads guilty for a fraud, which included an ICO scam of 32 million US dollars. Many social media...
Kraken Trezor

Wasabi Users Advised To Hold Off Their Update If They Use Trezor Wallets

There's a bug in the latest upgrade of Wasabi, and if Trezor users upgrade it, they could temporarily lose access over their Bitcoin. ...
South Africa Cryptocurrency Scam Founder Plead Guilty

Cryptocurrency Scam Worth Rs.26 Lakhs Unraveled In India

Five men booked in a cryptocurrency scam worth Rs 26.32 lakhs in the Palgarh district of Maharashtra. Minister of State said that the...
Russia Blockchain Based Election Site Resurrected After An DDOS Attack Supreme Court of russia

The Supreme Court Of Russia Uses Blockchain Technology In The Voting System

Kaspersky Lab provides cybersecurity and anti-virus on a multinational level. It has its headquarter in Moscow, Russia. The recommendation for the system was...
Ukrainian Authorities Reveal Massive Cybercrime Haul cryptocurrency

Cyber Criminals Are Increasingly Targeting Digital Currency

The US Department of Justice has found few miscreants who have indulged in international cybercrime throughout the world. Criminals across the world are...
Ethereum Whales All Set To Investment In Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Bitfly sparkpool Transaction fees

Ethereum Skyrocketing Fee Incidents Getting Worst With Third Such Transaction

There have been a few unusual Ethereum transactions for the past few days. Experts are saying that this has happened due to some...
South Africa Cryptocurrency Scam Founder Plead Guilty

Ethereum Wallet Under Investigation For A Crypto Fraud Of 50 Billion Won

Ethereum wallet, also popular as an ETH Wallet, is under police investigation for cryptocurrency fraud of up to 100 billion won. Sources...
A Mining Trojan 'Niying' Takes Over A Travel Website

A Mining Trojan ‘Niying’ Takes Over A Travel Website

A mining virus 'Niying' or 'Hidden Shadow' seems to work actively. It has taken over a travel website. 'Hidden Shadow' runs as a...
Stablecoin 2

Japanese Minister Taro Aso Talks About Cryptocurrency and Stablecoin

Japanese Minister Taro Aso chose to point out the necessity of a name change rather than indulging in a tax reform debate. Reports...
Moneytap Ripple Payments Network with SBI Holdings to Bring Together ATM's in Japan

Ripple Offers Tips To Spot and Avoid XRP Giveaway Scams

Ever since the launch of cryptocurrencies till today, there are several stories and controversies of rags-to-riches. In this term, Ripple revealed in its recent report...
Teenage Cryptocurrency Ellis Pinsky Hacker Sued For $71.4million hackers

Teenage Cryptocurrency Hacker Sued For $71.4million

Ellis Pinsky is the young cryptocurrency hacker, who stole big crypto worth $23.8 million from an investor Michael Terpin. Terpin subjected him to...
blockchain Biometric Ripple

Can The Integration Of Blockchain With Biometric Systems Offer Security?

The blockchain-integrated biometrics identity systems let the authorized individual have complete control of the distributed ledger. The combination of these two technologies is...

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