Ukrainian Authorities Reveal Massive Cybercrime Haul cryptocurrency

How The US Secret Service Reacts to the Increasing Cryptocurrency and Cybersecurity Crimes

The cybersecurity of cryptocurrency has always been the biggest concern in the industry. In an interview with Forbes, the U.S. Cyber Policy Advisor, Jonah...
Coinbase Went Down Amid Bitcoin Notable Price Pump altcoins

Coinbase To Make Its Debut In The Listings Of The US Stock Market

Coinbase has declared that they are likely to debut in the US Stock Exchange market by 2021, as reported by Reuters. The crypto platform will...
Bitcoin's Revival In 2020 Can Pose Challenges For The US Dollar

Bitcoin’s Revival In 2020 Can Pose Challenges For The US Dollar

Experts suggest that 2020 may help in the widespread growth of cryptocurrencies vastly. A huge amount of people are seeking the benefits of...
Former CFTC Chairman and Accenture Published Whitepaper For Digital Dollar project

US Congress Plans Hearings on Digital Dollar To Facilitate Stimulus Payments

The U.S. Congress seeks to mark the digital wallet as a ‘Fed Account’ in all promotional materials and bills. Federal Reserve will maintain...
cryptocurrency china

Could China’s Cryptocurrency Challenge Bitcoin and Replace U.S Dollar?

More than five years in the making of the world's first sovereign digital currency - Yuan, slowly equips to replace physical legal tender. ...
us house

U.S. House Subcommittee Announces Schedule Of Its Hearing On Digital Currency

Digital assets have been a controversial topic in the United States. In 2019 U.S. house Scheduled a hearing on “Review of Domestic and...

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