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CCN Shutdown : Google core update, ensuing decline in traffic on Crypto Sites

On 3rd June 2019, Google has got its update recently. Strikingly, crypto sites have lost significant traffic due to this upgrade than the other websites. While other sites are trying to manage, one much-known crypto site, CCN, got to shut down for its own good. Google has put this upgrade to help the users to search relevant contents easily and to improve their search, but this has led to the downfall in the traffic on every crypto site and seen the drop in the number of recommendations coming from the searches.

Spokeswomen of one company said that she was not able to discuss unambiguous sites and how did they fare in the upgrade, referring through the tweets by Dan Sullivan, Google’s public liaison for search. Sullivan explains that Google has done its update and adjusted the site ranking based on the ‘relevance’ and ‘quality’ of its contents. Spokeswomen also observed that many sites had seen the downfall in their performance; on the other hand, some are performing better than its past performance. But no crypto site has shown such an upgrade in its execution yet.

What’s worse is that most crypto sites are facing a decline in double-digits, of which, CCN has suffered the most. Earlier in the morning, CCN put out its press release declaring its impending closure, stating that the size of the team has outstripped the revenue generated from the ads just when they come to know about the changed algorithm. CCN editor Jonas Borchgrevink wrote, “CCN’s traffic from Google searches dropped more than 71% on mobile overnight.”

With such chaos among all the crypto sites, Google spokeswomen discussed the reason why few sites penalized is due to the reason that they had broken the specific guidelines which determine the direction of traffic. What are these SEO crimes that must have been committed by those sites? Well, it includes “automatically generated content,” adding “hidden text or links,” “loading pages with irrelevant keywords,” “participating in link schemes,”  “creating pages with little or no original content” and “sneaky redirects”.

With CCN, there are many other sites, faces an enormous loss in the traffic, which claims that they weren’t involved in any such stuff. With all these, many other websites have also met downfall and reason is still in disguise.

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