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Coinbase Exploring New Digital Currencies for Listing

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Coinbase is one of the most famous cryptocurrency exchange and it is really very much popular among the cryptos in the market. The exchange is known for providing technical support for the currency and recently the exchange declared that it will be adding 17 more virtual currencies on its platform. The exchange has also opened up the listing on their website.

As per a blog post of the cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase will be adding the Celo, Chia, Avalanche, Dfinity, handshake, filecoin, NEAR, mobilecoin, kadena, solana, polka-dot, nervos, oasis, orchid, telegram, and spacemesh. Some of the coins in this list are not yet live like telegram.

Currently, the Coinbase network has around 90% of the market cap (aggregate) of the virtual currency. The Coinbase has launched the listing of these currencies on its website which hasn’t been launched yet and the platform will support them after their launch.

The exchange has Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, USD coin, ethereum classic, stellar lumen, XRP, Basic attention token, zcash, litecoin, and OX on its non-pro list and these currencies are all live. The exchange is working hard on the aspects including security, alignment of project and compliance and their target is to make an open financial platform in the world.

Coinbase said that they will be supporting these not yet launched currencies on its platform because it is a small part of their exploratory process. The users might be able to face ‘public-facing APIs’ and signals that the exchange is also handling the engineering work to likely assist these currencies. The exchange did say they can’t say that these upcoming currencies will be part of their exchange because listing them is all a part of jurisdictions. It also needs technical, conformity and regularly acceptance before listing.

They will be listing these new currencies after following the jurisdiction process and the rejection of the other currencies will be disqualified, but in future, there will be a potential chance of listing of the currencies on the Coinbase platform. At the end of the blog post, Coinbase stated that the customers will be receiving more announcements like this in the future.

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