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Coinbase’s New Vice President is the Ex-COO of NerdWallet

Recently, Coinbase has hired a new person to fill and replace Emilie Choi from the position of Vice President. Emilie Choi is not going anywhere he will continue to work with the company. The new person is none other than the Ex-Chief Operating Officer (COO)/of NerdWallet and the before that he was Vice President (VP) at LinkedIn and his name is Dan Yoo. Dan Yoo is all set to replace Choi and work as Vice President of business in the Coinbase.

Yoo has a pretty good profile and experience. He will now be acting as in-charge of overlooking the business operations, data team of the Coinbase and corporate development. When he was working for LinkedIn, then he helped to build a lot of startups. RealiaQuote is also one of them, it offers online life insurance brokerage services. Choi and Yoo also had worked together in LinkedIn.

Yoo has also commented on this, he stated,

“Coinbase is a very data-driven company.” He further added, “As part of this role, I’ll be making sure that internally and externally Coinbase and its customers have the data they need to make better decisions.”

He also revealed that he has been following the cryptocurrency industry from 2013 with an account on Coinbase. He also discussed his knowledge of cryptocurrency, he said,

“I would not consider myself a crypto expert by any means,” he added, “I’ve been in and around financial services for my entire career though.”

As per him, Coinbase work is based on data and his job is also focused on to provide the right data to everyone to decide correctly. He also said that he has done a similar job in LinkedIn and he all ready to make his team work with efficiency. He is all focused and excited to work with the team of Coinbase.

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