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Constantinople “network upgrades”: Impressed with ZCash Vitalik Butterin suggested Community to adopt Zcash’s Terminology

The creator of Ethereum, While being the most influential blockchain personality Vitalik’s tweets are always tantalizing in some or other way and often arguably meant to create controversy.

Vitalik’s statements substantiate to the eccentric features of Zcash. An array of discussions around Zcash, the privacy coin is been applauded by digital currency enthusiasts without fail.

In a recent tweet, Vitalik Buterin seems to advocate the ethereum community to adopt Zcash terminology for the network upgrade.

Vitalik explained the community that the upcoming Constantinople hard-fork will not be splitting the coin into two parts as feared by many. In fact, it will just replace the chain with an upgraded one.

In the tweet, the Ethereum creating clearing the perplexity stated, “IMO the Ethereum community should consider adopting @zcashco’s terminology of calling things like Constantinople “network upgrades” and reserve “fork” for splits that leave 2+ viable chains. Too many people asking me lately where they can dump their non-Constantinople coins…”

The terminology contrast he is attempting to make here identifies with hard forks that have been disagreeable previously. The most well known of these on the Ethereum network was, obviously, the hard fork identifying with the formation of Ethereum Classic in July 2015.

In reply to vitalik’s tweet, the Senior Market Analyst at eToro, Mati Greenspan wrote –

From vitalik’s tweet, it was perceptible that he wants people to understand that not all the forks are meant to receiving new tokens for dumping.

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