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Craig Wright Decides Go To Hard On His Critics And Skeptics Alike

Craig Wright, the Australian businessman and computer scientist, claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator behind Bitcoin. While many have claimed before to be Satoshi, Craig Wright is taking his claims to another level. From launching Bitcoin SV (abbreviation for Satoshi Vision) to going as far as getting a trademark for it, Craig Wright is not any person who can be easily discarded as a fake one and doing that might have some repercussions because Craig Wright is coming at you if you think he’s the fake one.

Aggressive Tactics Deployed

Craig Wright isn’t remaining silent on someone discrediting him as the fake Satoshi. Well, it has become a thing where many people have claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto and been discredited by the community with proof sometimes. Craig Wright has been discarded with proof yet and he is going down hard on those who discard him without any proof.

Craig Wright threatens his “haters” that any hate speech or anything said against him will be taken to court. He is already suing Peter McCormack to set an example to the community to validate him as the real Satoshi. Peter McCormack is a Bitcoin Holder and Trader, a freelance analyst and a famous personality in the Crypto community. He is known for his podcasts and in one podcast he said that Craig Wright is a “fraud”. For that, Craig is suing Peter McCormack for £100,000 in damages.

The case has further escalated from April 2019 when it was filed, to Peter making his legal team ready for a full-fledged lawsuit which could cost him from $631,000 to around $1.9 million US dollars. Craig Wright winning this case would shut down any criticism against him in the community.

Craig Wright also launched Bitcoin SV in November 2018 backing his claim that Bitcoin will eventually crash. He claims that bitcoin will crash down and Bitcoin SV will remain the only real cryptocurrency left. He said that he will clear the currencies in the market in his 3000 words “Bitcoin Manifesto”.

Effect On The Community

Craig Wright oppressing any kind of spread of information against him will be harmful to the crypto community. Banning and suing any kind of views of people won’t give him claims any legitimacy. Also, the strategy of “ignore or get sued” used by Craig Wright is a dangerous one that can backfire anytime. In short, Craig Wright needs to play it smart and not be flustered when someone speaks about him.

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