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Crypto Investment is opportunity no should even think of leaving behind: Glen Goodman

While the Bitcoin glorification and vilification game seems like a never-ending debate in the market where some see the potential of this crypto while others can only see the risks.

However, there is no denying in the fact that the prodigious surge in the Bitcoin price recently has undoubtedly captured the attention of the some of the most influential as well as renowned investors as well as Traders worldwide.

The path covered by Bitcoin is something truly worth appreciation as the crypto began its year at under$4,000 per bitcoin. However, it never seems to settle but soared to the unimaginable highs of almost $9,000 at the beginning of this week. Now as astonishing as it may sound but Bitcoin has literally managed to jump to the high of more than 120% which was truly unpredictable.

Observing this sudden movement in the market, one of the most famous personalities who is known for her successful profits from shorting stocks during the 2008 financial crisis, Glen Goodman, actually appreciated the true potentiality of Bitcoin.

Not just this but Goodman branded this rise of Bitcoin as a “Once in a Generation Opportunity”. He even suggested that no one should even think of leaving such an opportunity and should grab it with both hands.

“I’ve taken my years of trading experience and applied it to a brand-new market. Crypto is the Wild West of trading, and that means the risks, as well as the rewards, are greater.”

– These are the words of Glen from his new book, The Crypto Trader.

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