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Crypto Sports: Bridging the gap between eSports and cryptocurrency

There’s no uncertainty that in the ongoing months and years blockchain and cryptocurrencies will continue to be one of the hottest and most talked about topics on our planet. While we are as yet hanging tight for a definitive leap forward and mass market adoption, we are starting to see an assortment of new companies and potential use cases for pretty much every industry. Truth be told, the transformational abilities of Blockchain and Crypto technologies is expected to transform all enterprises in the coming 25 years, just as the internet changed organizations during the 90s.

Although, transformation is a slow process, which takes both time and resources especially when it comes to slow-changing industries, the faster-moving industries like social media, music and gaming will be the first to adopt crypto at scale. The Crypto Sports team acknowledged this and is focusing their efforts on creating and scaling esports applications.

When seeing what has occurred in the gaming business amid the previous decade, the principal thing to witness is a huge development that has slung esports out of its specialty into the universe of mainstream entertainment. Esports is one of the fastest growing markets with a 33% yearly development rate, achieving 1.1 billion USD last year.

Tournament viewership of esports rivals that of traditional games broadcasting; livestreaming further builds the popularity of games. The esports industry still has space to develop, and crypto may be the missing riddle piece to kickstart this extension.

What is Crypto Sports Changing in esports Industry?

Crypto Sports will bring some unique capabilities to the esports industry — expand it, change the gaming experience, and potentially shift the power away from corporations to gamers themselves.

Crypto Sports will bridge the gap between esports and the cryptoverse by providing the infrastructure platform for esports and gaming thereby uniting the entire esports ecosystem under one roof — professionals, teams, tournaments, and businesses. Offering gamers and designers creative approaches to interface and give chances to each gamer to make their own digital economy by doing what they cherish, with Crypto Sports Network and it’s cryptocurrency, CSPN.

With the unlocking of blockchain’s potential in the esports ecosystem, the Crypto Sports Network aims to build an advanced environment for gamers with complete support; where they can interact with other gamers through provided chat and blogging functionality. The Crypto Sports platform will provide multiple social options for gamers to be able to connect to each other through the use of different profiles.

  • Gamer: This is the main profile for every gamer and will link to a web wallet that provides Send and Receive functionality for the CSPN cryptocurrency allowing gamers to not have to worry about installing crypto wallets on their local hardware.
  • Clan: Gamers can then create clans and invite other gamers to it. The creator of the clan can decide its moderators and members. Every clan will get its own web wallet where members can deposit their CSPN tokens that the clan leader can use to setup Masternodes or even pay out to members in the form of performance bonuses. Clans can also compete against other clans and even bet CSPN on the match.
  • Company: Though it’s a bit different, here the companies can register and get their verified account in order to avail advertising and crowdfunding functionality of the platform. This is targeted towards game developers to get their games into the hands of Crypto Sports players.

Crypto Sports is completely stacked with functionalities that can change the gamer experience more than ever :

Matches: Gamers/clans can select their matches, these matches will be played to win CSPN prize pot, the amount of which will be decided and deposited by both teams, and the winner of the match will get the Prize pot.

Tournaments: The companies and game developers can organize tournaments that Gamers/clans can participate in to win CSPN. Official tournament matches will be supervised by CSPN staff members.

Contests: Different contests will be organized, where users will be required to perform certain tasks in order to win prizes in CSPN

esports bets & lottery: Gamers can participate in esports bets and the official Crypto Sports lottery to gamble for CSPN. This functionality might be restricted.

Livestreaming : Gamers can live stream through the Crypto Sports platform and viewers can interact with the streamers in a variety of ways: Live Chatting, Tipping Streamers in CSPN and pushing Streamers up the Crypto Sports scoreboard by giving positive feedback . This is particularly useful for Let ‘s Play and Twitch streamers who are building their communities and fan base.

Masternode service: CSPN can be secured through making a Masternode, which locks a certain amount of CSPN tokens and rewards the owner regular interest payments of CSPN tokens. Clans can create Masternodes and begin generating CSPN tokens that can be used for clan match betting, prize pools or even given to clan members as performance rewards all through the CSPN platform.

Shared Masternode: The CSPN platform provides a shared masternode service for investors that don‘t have enough coins to run a CSPN masternode on their own. This will allow smaller clans to be able to participate in the same activities as large clans.

Crowdfunding : Developers can take part in Crypto Sports network to raise funding for development of their projects in CSPN through the blockchain proposal system. Masternode owners will be able to vote on which proposals get funded.

eStore: Gamers can buy gaming hardware and software among other merchandise from the Crypto Sports eStore using CSPN.

News blog:  The Crypto Sports news blog keeps users up to date about what‘s actually happening in the eSports world as well as the activity that happens on the Crypto Sports Platform.

The Crypto Sports Token
The Crypto Sports Currency: CSPN is the heart and soul of the Crypto Sports platform and is used in every platform transaction. CSPN works on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) combined with a Proof of Service (PoSE) Model which provides masternode functionality to reward holders and allows instant and secure peer to peer transactions within the platform.

Crypto Sports Tokenomics can be found here.

The Crypto Sports token (CSPN) is now live for trading on crex24, cryptobridge, Graviex, and altmarkets.

Recently Crypto Sports Network secured it’s Listing on CoinMarketCap, details can be found here.

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