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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Forecast in 2019 by Brock Pierce

Brock Pierce a man who has devoted himself totally to know everything about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. He has given his forecast about the development and extension of dApps, STOs, and for the gaming industry. Pierce said, “Security tokens are going to give birth to a quadrillion dollar market.” The decentralized applications have been high around for some time now on cryptocurrencies platforms like Ethereum (ETH), TRON (TRX), Cardano (ADA), and the Pierce’s own EOS.

This far these applications have difficulties to find daily users besides the gambling and gaming genres. But, Pierce is positive that in 2019 these dApps will go to have a million users. He has the best rise of any assignment is during when prices are low in the crypto ecosystem. In this market, people are too engulfed in making money.

The growth of dApps: He gave three standards are must be there to stimulate enormous adoption:

“They have to be scalable. They have to be fee-less and frictionless. They have to be fast. No one will use the new internet if it’s slow, costs money and doesn’t scale. We are building the new internet, so new standards need to be set.”

STOs: He advised that STOs are next big change in the development of capital markets, but doesn’t deny that initial coin offerings (ICOs) are basically bad.

He stated,

“Utility tokens are by nature not intended to be security, so (ICOs) provided little protection. STOs have a framework that can do that. STOs are designed for investors and can have many provisions that are there to protect market participants.”

Gaming: The former gaming head, Pierce has his own strength in the area. He comments that the people who actually purchased and sold in-game digital currency and items online became some of the initial adopters of the digital currency:

“It’s that community of users around the world that have driven the first wave of crypto adoption and so I think there’s a very good chance that gaming in all its form will be one of the major drivers of the success of the ecosystem.”

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