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“Cryptocurrency Is Not Going To Go Away” Says Nvidia CEO

Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of graphics card maker Nvidia, yesterday posted its fourth-quarter results for 2017. The organization said on an income call Thursday that request from cryptocurrency miners for its product beat expectations.

Speaking with Barron’s in an interview, Huang resounded that notion, commenting that “obviously, there’s a considerable measure of talk about crypto.” Indeed, much has been said in regards to interest for the company’s product (fuss from the gaming group about out of this world costs for GPUs in any case) and the long haul prospects Nvidia faces.

“Also, crypto was a genuine piece of our business this past quarter, even though small, general,” the Nvidia CEO said.

Huang touted likewise touted the advantages of the technology behind cryptocurrencies. There is “clearly genuine utility” with blockchain, Huang stated, including that he considers cryptocurrencies to be being as genuine as some other sort of virtual great or computer game.

He expanded on this idea, going on to say:

“And as you know, tens of millions of virtual goods are created and shared and sold in virtual reality, and people invest thousands of hours to create spaceships in space that they battle against each other. So, the concept of virtual goods and virtual worlds and virtual currency all ties together.”


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