Iota revealed in blog post-Jan. 30, Danish state-owned energy company Energinet has extended its partnership with distributed ledger network Iota to investigate the use of its technology in new areas.

Energinet, which is an independent enterprise under Denmark’s Climate and Energy Ministry, needs to inspect how it could use Iota’s Tangle technology in the energy and the Internet of Things (IoT) markets.

The two entities have cooperated on a data marketplace initiative since late 2017, a larger project involving other companies.

Energinet market developer André Bryde Alnor commented on the latest move:

“As part of our journey to a digitized, green energy system, we know that we have to bridge the gap between the fast developments in IoT technology, being implemented on both household and industry level, and the centralized systems of the European energy system.”

Iota’s item offering is explicitly geared to IoT, and Energinet looks to make new solutions dependent on IoT for emerging phenomena, for example, efficient power vitality and electric vehicles.

“This collaboration effort will include services applicable to Energy and nearby regions, for example, smart cities, smart buildings, and mobility,” the blog post continues:

“This will be done through joint Proofs of Concepts (PoCs) and participation in collaborative IOTA initiatives.”

This week, Japanese IT giant Fujitsu announced it had finished a preliminary of blockchain technology with a Japanese energy provider aimed at improving shared electricity structures.