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DASH headed for golden cross to make 100x ROI

DASH is an alternative coin launched to address Bitcoin’s weaknesses. Dash is a peer-to-peer, decentralized electronic payment solution that relies on Bitcoin’s core with advanced features for security and fast transactions. Dash has a variable block reward that decreases by 7.1% each year. DASH has recently activated two sporks finalizing the 0.13 upgrade, locking in deterministic masternodes and activating InstantSend transactions by default.
As of today, the whole market was visibly turned red, DASH joins the crypto majors in the early morning red. Failure to reach $ 136.11 could result in heavy losses that day.

DASH Price Analysis-

DASH fell 0.92% on Monday. After a gain of 3.68% over Sunday, DASH ended the day at $ 136.96. The increase of the day is explained by the increase of 23% registered during the week ending April 7, which closed the 8th week in the green of the last 9. That day, an intra-day high of $ 138,709 allowed DASH to break through the first major resistance at $ 137.36 before reversing.

A technical Analysis on DASH/USD posted on Trading view portraits a Different Picture as per the Analysis major price correction will result in 100X ROI in coming 2-4 years.

The Author mentioned that the increase in Volume is on average, the MA’s has started to crossover,  BTCUSD signals show that we have reached the maximum lower limit, the market will not crash beneath, It can be assumed that significant returns and Price growth can be witnessed in next two to five years.

The price analysis is based on the basis of current and All-time high and assumed presumed sell price for the open positions relative to this theoretical new ATH, which will give tentative growth predictions for DASH.  A fairly cautious minimum of ATH to ATH of most cryptocurrency assets seems to be at least x10. Currently, Dash is currently at around $136, with a previous ATH of about $1683 per unit.

He further mentioned that we will see soon enough (on a weekly chart) Dash reach the current price of x10 ($ 1360 USD) and on the whole uptrend by achieving a cautious minimum x10 of 1683 USD to a new ATH of, of course, 16,830 USD per piece Dash. I suppose that the most reliable exit strategies (involving not leaving your positions too soon or too late) would result in a selling price close to 10% – 35% below the new end of the ATH bullish race. To be conservative / have this interesting risk management margin of error involved, say 35% below ATH.

Let’s have a little thought experiment by making conservative assumptions about how Key point here is that once a new ATH is made, how much higher it will go from there is influenced by so many factors that one cannot simply assume they have a reliable guess of the next new ATH.

A pretty conservative minimum from ATH to ATH of most crypto assets seems to be at least x10. Currently, Dash is currently at about $136 USD per unit with a previous ATH of about $1683 USD per unit.

So, soon enough (on a weekly chart kinda timescale) we will see Dash makes its way up to x10 current price ($1360 USD) and over the entire bull run making a conservative minimum x10 from the $1683 ATH to a new ATH of, of course, $16,830 USD per Dash coin. I gather that most reliable exit strategies (implying not exiting your positions too early or too late) would result in a selling price somewhere near the level of 10% – 35% below the new end of bull run ATH. To be conservative / having that nice risk management margin for error involved, let’s say 35% below ATH. 

*This is not a Financial advise, It is advises to deal exclusively with due diligence as it applies to common stock for investing purposes.*

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