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Developers from Ethereal Summit promises better Scalability using Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum is predicted to be heading into the new light, many major developers of this Blockchain giant discussed and empowered about this in the Ethereal Summit conducted at Tel Aviv on 15th of September, Daniel Kuhn from CoinDesk led the discussion in terms of solution using Ethereum Blockchain for the time ahead.


Ethereum which is globally designated as “The World’s Computer” has not brought the required value to its name yet, it is observed at a lower value since its initial marketing campaign. The scalability problem of Ethereum blockchain was taken into hands by an ensemble of developers and also including ConsenSys who are coming at a solution which is named as ETHEREUM 2.0.

The recently conducted Ethereal summit promises better scalability under its organized developers and also assured of better progress. The community rejoiced in Ethereum’s progressive direction.

Chrissa McFarlane, CEO of Patientory, shared her view on Etherum Blockchain, as the adoption of this blockchain can be considered a little early but it is seen at a point where it has impacted the rise in Blockchain technology, and also since more industries and enterprises are coming together. This also kept the community members excited. The decentralized network of Ethereum Blockchain is a real game for its developers.

Another Blockchain researcher Eyal Shani quotes that Ethereum is now considered the largest blockchain in terms of developers which recently overtook bitcoin to come into fame.

Lex Sokolin co-Head of Financial Technology in ConsenSys, who was another developer in the summit, shared that he had a keen eye on Etherum Blockchain which could be used and has the potential to manipulate banking services into major development. The same thought was also shared by Itzik Yushuaev, a salesman for AlgoZ liquidity solution, he concluded that Ethereum’s Blockchain as a sign of trust in the second system and in the token.

CEO of Neon District, Margerite deCourcelle, creator of CyberPunk role-playing game has used a part of Ethereum Blockchain, she explained that it offers gamers the power to accrue actual value through non-fungible tokens when engaged in play.

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