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Dogecoin (DOGE) Releases its New Update ‘Core 1.14’

The price of Dogecoin was not really performing well before April, as after the CEO joke posted by dogecoin generated great interest among crypto space and this interest of People visibly reflected on Dogecoin’s Price surge. Elon Musk’s reply on which created a boom, In his reply he quoted that ‘Dogecoin is the best cryptocurrency market’, as an instant effect of Elon Musk’s Influence on Community, The price of DogeCoin (DOGE) Surged by almost 100% against the USD. Well, Point to be noted here the whole Increase in price was associated with community sentiment.

Dogecoin’s stock market review (DOGE) revealed that it traded at a price of $ 0.0029 with a market capitalization of $ 343 million and a trading volume of $ 37 million. At the moment, trading was 26th, but over time DOGE will retain its previous position in the market.

A few Days back, Dogecoin listed in CoinAll Exchange, and Now Dogecoin (DOGE) has developed an update.  The manner in which DOGE has grown in popularity and enrolled in popular exchanges shows that it has a demand in the market and this growing demand has led to major trades.

Update Core 1.14

Dogecoin has released its new update 1.14. In this update, there have been some basic improvements over Beta 1. This update was mainly to correct the display of the progress of the verification and the calculation of fees for transactions. Users who upgrade to the latest version must back up their wallet file. Dogecoin has updated its portfolio during its recent tests, so it will be easy for users to upgrade to the latest version.

This new basic version has a flexible fork that allows BIP-65. Previously, the fork was blocked at 750 blocks out of 1000. The client will reject the blocks with the base version of 3 if, at 950 of the last 1000 blocks, corresponds to the base version 4. The pool therefore works, which means that users must update it to the latest version 1.14.

Such an inscription will help Dogecoin to progress in the end. Recently, it has also been listed in the Huobi market. These lists have a huge role to play in growing digital assets and improving adoption. Slowly and gradually, it attracts users through these exchanges and eventually leads to massive adoption.

Looking at the positive aura, dogecoin potential and worldwide adaptability of Dogecoin, the dogecoin price prediction 2019 appears to be bright, if this positive outlook continues the price of the cryptocurrency will continue rising.  

Dogecoin has considered a good investment in many ways and its use in the real world is different from others. Investors should be quite sure to invest in DOGE because the track record and future forecasts are favorable to the currency.

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