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Dogecoin Price Analysis: Bearish Trend Doesn’t Seem To End Anytime Soon

The crypto Dogecoin still seems to be in a really debilitating scenario as it doesn’t seem to find its way up.

After major ups and downs this year, the coin has already been in tremendous loss which not has been able to recover yet. Well, the disappointing journey doesn’t seem to end anytime soon as the coin doesn’t reflect any progress yet.

The fact that there is no clear sign of escalation in the coin although the month is about to end, has been the deepest concern of the majority of the investors.


Well, as there are still a few days left in the month, the coin might recover. However, majority of the analysts believe that there is a high probability of the coin closing the month at a loss.

Speaking about the recent ups and downs in the price of the coin, yesterday the coin witnessed a tremendous drop of 6.49%. This drastically shifted the price from $0.002695 to $0.002522.

The bearish trend of the coin didn’t stop here as it once again took a massive drop of around 5.03%, i.e., pushed the price from $0.002642 to $0.002508.

Well, speaking of today, the coin was able to depict some improvement of 5.52% as it shifted from $0.0025 to $0.0026.


Since the coin has faced some serious bearish trend, let’s have a look at where it stands now.

The current trading price of the coin is around $0.002643. Dogecoin’s ROI at present is 364.16% to be precise.

The market cap of the coin can be found somewhere around $313,743,824 whereas the 24-hour volume is $21,266,246.

Speaking about the circulation of the coin in the market at present, it was found to be 120,967,791,698 DOGE and the total supply is around 120,967,791,698 DOGE.

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