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Dogecoin Price Analysis: DOGE shows upsurge in its value, traders seems content

Dogecoin core 1.14 is recently got updated and has seen a spike in its value. This has become a hot topic among different users and followers. Let us have a look over the price analysis of DOGE on 25th June 2019:

  1. The trading value of DOGE was at $0.003279 on 25th June 2019 at the time 09:28 UTC.
  2. The 24-hour volume is 41,528,860 USD.
  3. Also, the investment return is of 07%.
  4. The total supply or the circulating supply is 120,080,274,518 DOGE.
  5. DOGE’s Market Cap is of 405,315,887 USD.
  6. The 7 days high/low of the price of DOGE is about 0.003496 USD / 0.003095 USD.

Comparing the price of Dogecoin, taking the data from the beginning of June into account, the highest value was seen on the 1st day with the value being $0.003521. Although it has seen the downfall of 6.8% from the 1st June, it is not a much of loss. On the contrary, the lowest trading value was seen on 9th June 2019, the value being $0.002856. Since then a huge surge has been seen in its price of about 14.8%. Now the value is increasing tremendously to reach the green zone. DOGE is moving thoroughly in the bullish trend.

The price increase is good, the percentage increase is also good, but still, traders are waiting for a strong surge in its price which will benefit them a lot. It is just a prediction that may occur or may not occur. But if it does, traders will be trading in a much safer zone. The resistance and support level for the traders is calculated as     $0.00354 and $0.00315 respectively which will help them build a strong foundation in trading and investing their money in DOGE. Till now, DOGE seems to be much better and the traders also seem to be content with it.

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