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Dogecoin Price Analysis: Is Dogecoin worth your investments as of now?

Although the crypto, Dogecoin, witnessed enormous drops recently it doesn’t seem to be giving up anytime soon. In fact, analysts argue that the coin has been maintaining itself quite well since the last drops.

However, one can never deny the fact that it’s never an easy task to recover from massive bearish trends. And perhaps the same is true for Dogecoin.

Although the coin tried maintaining its momentum really well, it seems that the downtrends have already started for the coin. Moreover, as per the analysts perceive the downtrend is supposed to continue for a while now.

The Present Scenario Of Dogecoin

Well as far as the recent journey of Dogecoin is concerned, the coin witnessed an opening of $0.0028 a week ago. However, the coin remarkably jumped by 2.85% on the 10th of August. Well, this bullish trend effortlessly continued to grow till 11th August.

The Fall of the Dogecoin, however, started from 12th August as it was on this day that the coin terribly fell down from $0.00298 to $0.00296 by 0.79%. In fact, the drop continued to persist even on 13th August and the price value dropped from $0.00296 to $0.00282 by 1.69%.

Quite similar to 13th Aug, the Dogecoin’s price kept revolving amid the $0.00282 to $0.00283 zone. Until yesterday, when the price witnessed a tremendous drop of the week off as it went down by 9.33% from $0.00283 to $0.00257.

As of today, the price begins with a drop itself and as observed, the price fell from $0.00257 to $0.00245 by 4.53%.

As a result of Dogecoin Potential and efforts of Dogecoin creator dogecoin is listed on top exchanges, Community is optimistic that will dogecoin increase in value.

Let’s Look Into The Future

Now let’s get into the interesting part which is dogecoin price prediction 2019.

Although the coin is witnessing downfalls right now, there is no denying the fact that Dogecoin is and has always been a promising investment. In fact, if the views of some analysts are concerned, they firmly believe that Dogecoin has always been in the footsteps of Bitcoin and resembles it in many ways.

Moreover, the coin is supposed to reach the zenith of USD 0.0070 by the end of the year. Therefore as far as investment planning in this sector is concerned the coin seems to be improving in the investment chart. Therefore, long term investments seem to be a wise step in the Dogecoin case.

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