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Dogecoin Price Analysis: New Ownership, will Dogecoin Price Surge?

One can never deny the fact that Dogecoin is one of the most renowned as well as appreciated coins in the market when it comes to maintaining incredible stability. In fact, DOGE has always been known for its stability even at enormous market pressure.

Recently, the ownership of Dogecoin.com has changed and Nicole Ross supplanted the position before held by Jackson. Furthermore, Ross declared that they are paying special attention to a non-benefit way for owning the Dogecoin for a more extended term.

Due to the same thing, the coin has come a long way. The subsequent development in the DOGE attracted many traders that also helped the coin move up in the top cryptocurrencies list.

The last few months, however, were not as thriving as it was before. Dogecoin had an enormous price drop to cope with, and now the recovery is falling hard on the coin.

For now, the intraday graph reflects a slight decrease, but if we look at the market trend, the situation could recover by the end of the day.


Let’s look at where it is now before assessing the depth of the coin.

The coin now has a 340.25% ROI as of now, which is much lower than what it had a few weeks ago, given the current statistics of the crypto and is presently trading at $0.002364 USD.

Regarding the 24-hour amount, somewhere around 35,028,501 USD can be found.

It was about 297,993,587 USD in terms of the market cap of the company, while the flowing supply was discovered to be 121,134,260,846 DOGE.

The rank of the coin is, however, at the 29th position as of now.


Considering the price graph of the DOGE from the 9th of September,  DOGE was launched at $0.00249678. The price later fell by 6.48 percent from $0.002479 to $0.002319.

In addition, the cost of Dogecoin increased from $0.002344 to $0.0025033. The labelled progression was 0.93%. DOGE again felt a pullback towards the end of the day. The cost rose by 5 percent from $0.002475 to $0.002351.

The day finished with a 0.93 percent regression at $0.0024. However, the very next day, DOGE began the day again. The cost has shifted from $0.002485 to $0.002365. The regression shown in the DOGE is 4.87%.


The price movement of Dogecoin reflects a moderate drop.

There are also some signs of change in the coin’s momentum. With a favorable digit, the traders could close the day. In the coming weeks, DOGE is anticipated to increase.

In the coming weeks, Dogecoin may meet its 30-day high value of $0.0029. The traders who are interested in the coin should invest in the long term. The same thing would take a co-worker.

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