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Dogecoin Price Analysis: The Most Awaited Uptrend Of Doge Has Finally Arrived

The current movement of Dogecoin undoubtedly came up as an enormous relief for the intraday traders as the crypto’s price witnessed a massive upliftment in the volume on the intraday chart because of its recent escalation.

Truth be told, the current price rally of Dogecoin seems has in fact made the coin capable of recovering majority of its losses. As one can clearly observe from the chart the escalation in the price is enormous.

The best part that one might come across is the incredible stability of the coin even in the uptrend. There is no denial in the fact that this uptrend was awaited for since a long time. Hence, the market is quite positive about the current price momentum of the DOGE.


Before evaluating the depth of the coin, let’s look at where it is now.

Given the crypto‘s present stats, the coin now has a 343.73% ROI and traded at $0.00250289.

With regard to the 24-hour quantity, around $23,058,645 can be discovered somewhere.

Speaking of the company’s market cap, it was approximately $300,036,054, while the circulating supply was found to be DOGE 121,009,493,835.


The coin opened yesterday at $0.0024 and then increased by 5.32 percent from $0.0024 to $0.0026. The coin later again climbed from $0.0024 to $0.0026, but this time the increase was 9.19%.

For the rest of the day, the coin kept trading at $0.0026 and closed at the same time. The rise in intraday was 6.52 percent. The coin opened today at $0.00265, instantly after opening, and slipped by 5.78 percent instantly after opening to $0.00250.

The coin subsequently retrieved and is currently hovering at $0.0026.


Since the Dogecoin, is already considered as one of those rare coins that truly follow the footsteps of the Bitcoin.

Now since Bitcoin too is witnessing an upsurge in the price, the same goes with DOGE. The momentum of the coin has already impressed the intraday traders. Moreover, the analysts now believe the coin is undoubtedly going to depict fabulous results.

As far as investing the coin is concerned, the intraday trading might bring better results for short period of time but it’s perhaps more efficient, as of now, to go with the long term trading. Moreover, the analysts now firmly believe that the end of the year quite possibly is going to return maximum profits.

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