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Elegro — The Blockchain Service Provider to Increase Online Sales with Advanced Payments Solutions

Increasing online sales is the primary goal of countless businesses, large and small alike. Whether you run a mom-and-pop retail business or work for a vast e-commerce giant like Amazon, increasing sales through online channels is a little like bowling a strike – it looks a lot easier than it actually is. Fortunately, there are dozens of ways you can make more sales online, many of which you can implement right away.

In the world of crypto Elegro Blockchain Provider is a platform that will provide “a suite of payment solutions for merchants” e-commerce, retail and wholesale enabling exception of fiat or crypto payments, exchange of currencies and safe storing of funds with your branded crypto wallet. It gives an opportunity to develop your business at a global scale by taking out all the payment-related hassle.

Question: Why Choosing Elegro Services Will Be Beneficial?

Elegro Makes Profitable Payment Decisions such as Automation (Speed), Simple Integration, Advanced Security.

  • Automated cryptocurrency exchange
  • E-wallets
  • Wire transfer solutions
  • Quick registration
  • Widget easy-to-integrate with your web page
  • Powerful API
  • Anti-fraud policies
  • The highest PCI compliance
  • Secure SSL endpoints for transactions

Question: What products Elegro financial services offer?Elegro Wires

Money management in over 50 countries. Business-to-Business (B2B) and Customer-to-Business (C2B) transfers. Instant currency exchange at great rates, cryptocurrency purchase, fast and smooth fund transfers at low fees.

Elegro Gateway

Free crypto payment gateway integration gives you an opportunity to accept cryptocurrencies on a website automatically and get payouts in EUR, USD, GBP or any other local currency to your business or personal bank account.

Elegro Wallet

Elegro wallet allows to buy, store, exchange and withdraw crypto and fiat currencies safely and makes transactions instant inside Elegro ecosystem. Web and App versions provide easy and convenient usage of the wallet from the computer, mobile phone or any other device.

Elegro Exchange

Elegro private exchange service allows to buy and sell all major fiat and cryptocurrencies at direct currency exchange rates. The range of supported currencies is constantly expanded. Enjoy instant and safe exchange at low fees with Elegro Exchange.

Elegro Retail

Elegro Retail is a unique payment solution for retail businesses which allows paying with crypto coins using a phone as a PoS. Merchants get money in a local currency they can withdraw to a bank account. Branded wallet for instant payments is provided.


Elegro makes accepting online payments super fast and easy. Grow your business, go global, and boost up conversions in other countries by localizing your payment experience. There are many other ways to pay for cryptocurrencies, Elegro is providing us with the best platform and vital services such as Retail Trade  —  it developed a handy solution for doing online retail trade business. Now buyers can pay for retail purchases without any hurdles, using cryptocurrencies. Your business can accept major crypto coins from customers, enabling additional revenue streams. Don’t hesitate to know more about Elegro advanced payment solutions and services they provide.

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