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Ethereum Price Prediction: It could decline further or break $175?

In the cryptocurrency market, there are bullish and bearish movements influencing the prices of the currencies. Many currencies are holding strong against the bearish trend and keeping their bullish movement uptight. But some of the currencies are under the bearish pressure such as Ethereum the second positioned currency.

Ethereum is currently positioned as the 2nd largest cryptocurrencies in the market by the market capitalization. On May 9, 2019, the price of Ethereum was in red signal and it is under the bearish movement. Ethereum losses 2% of the price in the yesterday trading market.

A few days ago the news comes out that the Amazon will partner with the cryptocurrency. The experts have predicted that it might give Ethereum the momentum in its price and Ethereum could reach the value of $180. And the experts are hoping that if we follow this good news and think it of as the catalyst, then Ethereum could possibly make up to $200 at the end of the year.

Current Price of Ethereum (ETH): Currently, Ethereum is trading at the value of the $174.84 USD and today, it is experiencing an increase in its value by 2.11%. The market capitalization of the Ethereum is $18,534,477,512 USD and the 24-hour volume is $7,149,903,05 USD. The circulating supply of the ETH is 106,007,022 ETH.

Yesterday, the Ethereum was trading at the value of $171.36 USD with the market cap of $18,162,930,543 USD and the 24-hour volume is $6,570,072,337 USD. Yesterday, the market was bearish, but today the value of Ethereum has enhanced, which is a positive move. The expert’s views about the Ethereum reaching up to the level of $180 USD might be possible.

Ethereum fails to reach 0.0305 BTC: It is true that the Ethereum price is increased against USD, but it still decreases against BTC. Today, the price of Ethereum against BTC is 0.02755488 BTC. The price of Ethereum is decreased by -1.95%. Ethereum is clearly failed to cross the level of 0.0305 BTC in the market.
The price of the Bitcoin is going sharply moving in a bullish trend and its price is increasing. Other currencies such as EOS, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash also sways away from USD. And Ethereum clearly fails to cross the 0.0305 BTC level.

Ethereum has almost come near the level of 0.0290 BTC, but it still didn’t make up to the level of 0.0305 BTC. The Ethereum was also near the value of 0.0314 BTC but it declined near the value of 0.0305 BTC.

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