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Ethereum started code consensus protocol

On Friday, the developers said that as the new code has changed the way the ethereum network is now ready for test.

Ethereum improvement proposal (EIP) 1011, known as Hybrid Casper FFG (short for “Friendly Finality Gadget”) this is the new code which will be implemented in first step and first step is called mining and allegedly green method is called minting.

Ethereum’s network has added has consensus protocol and agrees to create a nee block to the chain as it is called proof-of-work. Ethereum’s creator Vitalik Buterin and other developers have created a special wallets and risk losing investment if the users will not follow consensus rules. “Casper is known as proof-of-stakes”. Last year itself proof-of-concept is been decided.

Yet Danny Ryan, one of EIP 1011’s authors, along with Chih-Cheng Liang, told fellow developers told last month that they are ready to see fresh look as new written code is going to start now while Casper is still doubtful in some quarters.

“Ethereum investors will soon start the formal verification for the development of consensus” said Ryan.

He added “As these pieces of the puzzle are getting closer to being completed,” he said, I’ll signal that it’s time to start talking about fork block numbers.”

The network will break up into two pieces and will be implemented but before this many things are there that is about to happen “Ryan suggested”.

“In terms of testing … I don’t know when exactly that happens,” Ryan continued, adding that he would “leave the EIP up for discussion a little bit longer before we start doing testing on that side.”

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