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Ethereum VS Bitcoin: Ethereum to Jump by 70% leaving Bitcoin Behind

One of the most renowned cryptocurrencies that have already proved its true potentialities to the market with its strong price upliftment. Moreover, its ability to stay at that particular range is what makes it one of its kind.

Well, the Ethereum has once again grabbed the attention of the entire market as it is now believed that Ethereum might beat the largest crypto exchange Bitcoin.

A technical analyst named Rampage predicted this quite long ago on 21st of May when he twitted ETH/BTC is about ready to catch up to ETH/USD.

The tweet, although old enough, is now taken into consideration because its worth it. It seems to be quite logical as well as technically correct as the analyst also provided an image in which the price action of two markets is overlaid in a single chart.

With the help of this chart, he quite clearly depicts the prices of both the crypto exchanges as well as justifies his prediction by with the compelling technical analysis on why Ethereum is bullish against bitcoin.

Moreover, the factor that is worth noticing is that Rampage posted a chart, with the cryptocurrency flashing bullish signals, that really depicted the specified targets. Speaking of which, the first target is 0.040873 and the second target is 0.053449. Ethereum is trading at 0.030858 as far as the press time is concerned.

Now the best part is if anyhow the analysis ends up being perfectly accurate then, Ethereum holdings will undoubtedly be boosted up by Bitcoin by over 70%.

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