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FRUCTUS – The First Decentralized Blockchain Platform For Organic Food!

Fructus is a decentralized platform based on the organic food chain in the world. In a world where food consumption is rapidly outpacing food production in the coming years, a solution inefficiency is needed. Every day millions of consumers buy fresh produce through multinationals, wasting an estimated 15% to 30% of all fruits and vegetables.


We believe we can solve global problems regarding fruit and vegetables. The way we solve these problems is by making the supply chain for fruit and vegetable transparent. Together we can make a difference, so join the Fructus Community and support Fructus. Big problems concerning products being GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism) or 100% organic, expiration date fraud and food waste.


The aim of Fructus is to provide their shipment service will be available in more and more regions, starting with suppliers in Italy, France, and Spain, to initially provide for consumers in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Benelux. Fructus is a project aiming to change the business of fresh produce trade and delivery.

Trust issues concerning products being GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism) or 100% organic, expiration date fraud and wastefully slow processes can all be battled when integrated into the Fructus platform. Taking out the middle man is another bonus when we look at is as suppliers and customers connect without a grocery store in between, keeping products cheap and fresh.


  1. Empower rural people and local businesses to develop better policies Strengthening rural communities’ capacities for production and for delivery of ecosystems services.
  2. Improve production efficiency, sustainability and resilience Enhancing productivity as well as limiting wastefulness to adapt to a rapidly changing environment and climate with increasingly scarce natural resources.
  3. Projects will consider all stages of the food and feed production chain, including food design, processing, packaging, process control, waste reduction, by-product valorization and the safe use or disposal of animal by-products.
  4. Standardization and certification at Union and international levels are needed for, amongst others, determination of bio-based content, product functionalities, and biodegradability.
  5. Fostering economic diversification, ensuring appropriate relations between rural and urban areas, as well as facilitating knowledge exchange, demonstration, innovation, and dissemination.
  6. Build a sustainable and competitive agri-food industry Addressing the needs for the food and feed industry to cope with social, environmental, climate and economic change from local to global.


After setting up business in Europe we aim to expand to Africa, where the need for fair and sustainable produce trade is high. Once the roll-out in Africa is on its way we will start arrangements for more expansionary moves all over the world.


The Fructus Platform will become the first decentralized produce marketplace where consumers buy products directly from manufacturers, enjoy low transparent prices for a wide range of products, and save on direct promotions. To participate in the trade of fresh produce, users create an account on the Fructus platform. Once completed our platform can run functions like asking suppliers to register proof of what seeds and pesticide they use. By doing so all transactions are recorded in our blockchain, known as the Fructuschain, making all trades and deliveries fully decentralized. These processes will stimulate suppliers to send the best and most fresh produce to minimize refunds. Suppliers are rated based on their performance to let future customers know what they can expect.

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