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Giant Baidu in China Releases a ‘Super Chain’ White Paper

According to White Paper Baidu’s Super Chain is more efficient than a traditional blockchain in that performs with a higher degree of hardware utilization. Per Baidu, Super Chain nodes “use multi-core parallel computing to maximize CPU utilization and increase throughput.”

The white paper states that Baidu will focus on applying the technology in food safety, product quality, new retail, new manufacturing, supply chain finance, intellectual property and trading, travel, tourism, and social networking.

The paper introduces the idea of commercializing the Baidu cloud blockchain blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform in addition to six applications based on the Super Chain; Totem, Degree Universe, Baidu Association, Treasure Chest, Encyclopedia Online, and Hubert. The blockchain white paper focused on “the independent development of the ‘Super Chain’ network system.”

On Wednesday i.e. 26th September Chinese search engine and web services company Baidu has released the Baidu Blockchain White Paper V1.0 which is going to describe the development of a “Super Chain” network system.

Modular services with the Baidu Super Chain will include scenarios in certification, digital rights, clearing and settlement, supply chain finance, digital assets, and games.

In June, the internet search giant revealed its Super Chain protocol in the context of reducing energy consumption in cryptocurrency mining operations.


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