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Greatest Crypto and Blockchain Events of the year 2019

In the year 2019, the prices of digital assets have improved drastically, and blockchain platforms are further down the road to broad adoption at the enterprise level. Thus, it has been a big year for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

These events are bringing together the compelling startups, enterprise leaders, global regulators, and a cadre of enthusiasts and these conferences are setting the tone for the crypto and blockchain movement.

Here, we enlist the top five blockchain events that one should mark the dates for:

#1 Blockshow Asia: Singapore, Nov. 14 – 15

The event is presented by Cointelegraph, Blockshow Asia bills itself as a festival of decentralized technology.

The main aim of the event is to focus upon the innovations in blockchain technology, allowing promising projects to receive the funding and attention needed to take the next step in their development.

Also, renowned speakers including Justin Sun – founder and CEO of Tron, Max Kordek – co-founder and president of Lisk, and Thomas Lee – managing partner at Fundstrat Global Advisors are invited to attend the event.

#2 DACOM Summit: New York City, Sept. 26

The Digital Asset Compliance and Market Integrity (DACOM) Summit is a one-day event to be held in  New York City bringing together crypto 20 speakers and more than 200 crypto compliance professionals providing professional development for crypto compliance personnel.

A presentation from Hester M. Pierce, commissioner for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will be featured in the event.

Jeff Horowitz – a chief compliance officer for Coinbase, Amy Davine Kim – chief policy officer for the Chamber of Commerce, and Yusuf Hussain – head of the risk for Gemini Trust Company, LLC will also be present who are prominent members of the crypto community.

#3 Blockchain Week Korea: South Korea, Sept. 27 – Oct. 4

It is a week-long collection of conferences and crypto events that will be a celebration of crypto’s incredible development and a strategy session for its future proliferation.

It has a gathering of 4,000 attendees and 50+ speakers.

D.FINE, includes some of the most noteworthy and influential members of the crypto community which is also the headlining event.

Some of the famous names that would be present at the event are Michael Novogratz – founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital Capital Management, VitalikButerin – co-founder of Ethereum, and Larry Sanger – co-founder of Wikipedia.

#4 Eurasia Blockchain Summit Istanbul: Turkey, Oct. 18 – 19

The summit is presented by Huobi Group and Kemer Partners. It is the first annual gathering for crypto and blockchain leaders, developers, and adopters. The summit strives to promote progress among digital assets and decentralized technology and the summit is also regarded as the largest crypto and blockchain gathering in Turkey.

The event is intended to serve as a launch party for the expansion of digital assets across Europe and Asia, with Turkey’s prolific adoption rate serving as a model and harbinger for other countries.

#5 San Francisco Blockchain Week: California, Oct. 28 – Nov. 3

A week-long event consists of blockchain startups, enterprise initiatives, academics, developers, and investors together in a single space. Targeting both developers and consumers, the event’s lineup includes a security conference, a blockchain career fair, a hackathon, and much more.

Olaf Carlson-Wee – Found and CIO of Polychain Capital, Jill Carlson – founder of the Open Money Initiative, and VitalikButerin – co-founder of Ethereum will be some of the prominent presenters at the event.

Attending these events will be a great learning experience for the one who is inclined towards crypto and blockchain.

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