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Gric Coin — The Commencement Of first live farm in Africa

Agriculture sector still remained far developed from the world standards, where two- third of livelihood is dependent on agriculture. It makes up a very important part of the lives of African people, but in spite of it, it apparently receives very little attention from the governments.

But till modernization the agricultural field has developed a lot. In the world of cryptocurrency the new ICO has came up with his own ICO by realizing the why investing cryptocurrency is profitable Investing in a good viable project will be profitable because as the project improve it will help increase the demand for the token.”

Though he came up with certain agriculture technique and his project for public welfare and great demand i.e., ‘GRIC COIN’, is the coin which is to create a decentralized open-source currency before the end of 2019, that is focused on improving agricultural practice and increase agricultural output globally with the major focus on Africa. Gric Coin Project is an Agricultural Blockchain and investment project.

The Gric Coin CEO Adrian Edema has stated this ICO can improve productivity in Africa.The world leaders will get involved by by understanding our project and how it will help humanity. Adrian Edema got the idea for improving Agricultural practice in Africa when I was farming in Africa as the country is to much backed up in all sort of modern techniques and technology this work to understand that how in need these people were in.

The suggestion he would like to share for others who are looking forward to start a company is always Create a product that gives value”. No value idea doesn’t work at all and leads to failure.

Gric Coin is a very unique project. It’s an Agricultural Blockchain and investment project. We are going to Africa to create the standard we need in food production. Till now the greatest achievement of Adrian Edema till now on his project is so far our project is going as planned. We have been able to raise closed to our softcap.


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