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Group of Robbers Attacked a Bitcoin Trader in the Netherlands

The news reported in an outlet of De Telegraaf on 23 February 2019, in a fake robbery bunch of robbers attacked a bitcoin trader in his home in the Netherlands. As per the reports, the robbers were actually attacked the victim posing themselves as the police. The victim of this fake raid, 38 years old man, Tjeerd H. a cryptocurrency trader, described the incident that the criminal came up at his on 10 February,  posing themselves as Police with a disguise as wearing balaclavas (a bulletproof vest) and police coat and pressurizes him with firearms.

The intentions of the robbers are yet to be understandable; the De Telegraaf also did an investigation of their level, and the results come out that the victim is doing trading in cryptocurrency for a long time. The Police report and the report of the De Telegraaf are similar in this case.

Today, the threat of getting online robbed in cryptocurrency is not just enough, but now the robbers are getting more advanced and started to threaten the cryptocurrencies trader in person and demand to deposit enormous amount of the cryptocurrency into unknown wallets. Last year in January 2018, same as this robbery also happened in a holiday resort in Phuket, Thailand. A Russian cryptocurrency trader held captive until he transferred the robber’s $100,000 bitcoin from his account.

Another case in Gujarat, India in 2018, the CID (Criminal Investigation Department) reported abduction of an Indian businessman Sailesh Bhatt and blackmailing him to give 200 Bitcoin. On  9 February 2018, Sailesh Bhatt reported the case to police, that CBI officer named Sunil Nair, took him into custody and ordered the other officer to beat him unless he pays them extortion of around $770,000 not in any specific currency.

Today, the cryptocurrency is not only under the threat of cybercrime, but it is now also under the threat of in-person robberies.

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