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How Consensus become largest Cryptocurrency Events

Consensus is the yearly assembly of the virtual currency and the blockchain technology market. After the year 2015, Consensus tempted every main crypto firm, developer, founder, investor and traders in the virtual currency ecosystem and the blockchain technology to take part in a yearly conference about the future of the cryptocurrency market.

The Consensus 2019 will going to occur in New York City from 13-15 May. The consensus is a big opportunity for the cryptocurrency market experts to get connected, get knowledge about to uncoil the expansions in the market, and to communicate some of the inspirational personalities of the cryptocurrency industry. The overall theme for the events is taking a combined step towards cryptocurrency – ranging from corporate asset to coded punks – to support breaking down the barricades that keep the market mainstream. Consensus keeps a very clear image of how the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has been developed from years and what people around the crypto community actually needs from cryptocurrency.

The Consensus is one the multinational level conference and expo that gives entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, traders, developers, enthusiasts, and students who are curious to know more about cryptocurrency to gain more knowledge, exploration, collaboration and debating platform for the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The Forbes coverage of Consensus 2018 stated,

Consensus 2018: What You’ve Missed So Far From The Biggest Bitcoin Event.

The consensus of 2015: In 2015 Peter Bordes stated about the Consensus then held is that

My second day was actually Consensus 2015. The second day in the industry, and I just sat in the audience and had no idea what every talking about.

Today, he is the Vice President of Consensus events and sales department at the CoinDesk. In that year of 2015, around 600 people attended the Consensus.

At the Consensus 2015 events, there was also the conservation about the development of the Bitcoin in 2015 in comparison of the past years. Bitcoin and blockchain have been yet indivisible, and Consensus 2015 event as explained as “a summit on Bitcoin and blockchain technology.”

The consensus of 2016: In 2016 the agenda of the Consensus event is to make the blockchain technology real, while the market was going through a crisis in the year. The focus of the summit was on the real and firm applications for the blockchain tech, instead of just being the largest market conference. It was totally altered from once being a virtual currency conference to a whole blockchain summit or expo. The scheme of the conference that year not just to provide knowledge to the crypto enthusiast, but also to make people meet the real blockchain technology and to make them better understand that what exactly is the blockchain technology is.

Peter Borde remember about the Consensus 2016 and stated,

2016 was very challenging. The industry was obviously still in its infancy – you could almost say it still is But 2016 was challenging as far as logistics go, going from 600 attendees in 2015 to a little over 1,400 in 2016. When you double in a year, it’s a great headline, great news, but it was very challenging leading up to the conference because a lot of people still didn’t know what Consensus was.

The Consensus 2016 had done its deed and the market get rise briefly after the Consensus event. Bitcoin value was doubled between Consensus 2016 event and the year’s end.

Consensus 2017: After the successful event of the previous year, Consensus 2017 had its own ground and its name was itself a brand. But, while the crypto market expanding and growing in the period of the last two years, it was also necessary to get back and firmed Consensus position was making it more as the event related to digital currency. The one path for doing this to remake the link among Consensus and CoinDesk, whose ground were also developed with the expansion of the digital currency.

One thing we learnt very quickly in our post-con from 2016, was that it’s great to grow the Consensus brand, but we need to maintain that link and brand association between CoinDesk and Consensus.

Bordes described.

Consensus 2018:  Bordes always knew that year 2018 was going to be large for the Consensus event.

He stated,

Very quickly, we saw at the end of 2017 that we needed more space just to accommodate the growth of the conference. So we relocated to the New York Marriott Marquis. That’s where we really were able to offer a variety of different opportunities for sponsors.

He further stated, 

Being crypto fever and everyone coming at one time, it was one hell of experience last year, to say the least… we just got so big so quickly from a footprint standpoint and conference standpoint.

But in 2018 the participants of the event also suffered some inconvenience, this year’s event ended up giving some major lessons for the organizers.

Bordes stated,

It was great that we had over 8,000 attendees there, but it was just cryptomania and we didn’t do a great job catering to the different personalities that were at the event.

What we’re looking at now is doing a lot more attendee engagement pre-conference, during and post [to] understand what different industries want to out of Consensus,

 he added.

Even after the great enthusiasm at the event, the market has no good effect over it of the event.

Consensus 2019:  It is hard to predict what the event might become this year. Bordes experience in this field all these years advice that cryptocurrency’s most popular event is still magical, but that the slowness of the market can have an impact on the people too.

We can see the brand power really in our call for speakers or requests for press passes, he says. There’s is still so much interest to be part of the conference. But with the market where it is, I think people are obviously a bit more conservative with partnerships. People are waiting a bit longer to register. [It] obviously makes logistics more challenging, you don’t know how many attendees there will be?

he added. But this year Consensus has to cover many things than just Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

Rather than just’ come to Consensus’, we’re trying to add a lot more activations and to give people a lot of different memorable experiences

Bordes described.

We’ve introduced a podcast stage where we’ll be hosting several different industry podcasts,” he says. “We’ll also have a media stage where speakers, once they’re done with their sessions if they want to take any additional questions, or if companies have any special announcements to make, they’ll have a king of closed door opportunity with members of press. It should help break more news at Consensus which I think is what every conference wants,

Bordes commented.

The time and crypto industry have been changed a lot since the year 2015. The Consensus organizers, crypto enthusiasts, and the crypto market experts are waiting to see what will happen at the Consensus event and what magic it will bring this time for the market.

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