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Indian Newborns To Be Issued Birth Certificate On Blockchain

A blockchain app company based in the Netherland and a blockchain system developed by Lynked.world, the two local governments in West Bengal, India are integrating the application for birth certificates on the blockchains.

Lynked World CEO and Founder Arun Kumar cited the need for an overhaul of the “cumbersome” systems currently being used for these processes, saying government agencies are still a position where they need citizens standing in front of an agent with their ID in hand to access basic services.

For verifying legal identities to make processes like applications for legal documents such as birth certificates more streamlined and Bankura Municipal Corporation and Durgapur Municipal Corporation will be using blockchain tech to handle administrative operations such as processing requests.

Kumar told news reporter that the platform is ready for launch and that both West Bengal municipalities will be able to issue birth certs and other legal documents and other certificates as early as September 2018, with 1 million birth certs expected to be placed on blockchain by the end of the year.

He said:

“These Birth and other certificates would be digitally authenticated by issuing authorities (municipalities) and that authentication will be stored on blockchain which facilitates verification of these documents by any third party organization to whom owners provide access”.

Basically, “Blockchain would be used to write the hash value of certificate together with the owner of the certificate and who issued it for the authentication and verification.”

The streamline took it initiative for birth cert applications and has put the civil birth records on the blockchain, to continues to disrupt the high-level government systems in the growth way sector.

“The only way a government agency can ensure they’re dealing with actual citizens with rights to access services is to have them right in front of them, with ID in hand. Our platform removes this obstacle because it offers many layers of security to ensure the complete authenticity of digital identities, data, and documents.”

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