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John MacAfee: No contradiction to support BAKKT But “I won’t be using it”

John Mcafee, the founder of the software company McAfee Associates, has discussed Bakkt referring it “opposite of freedom’s movement” in his recent tweet.

Bakkt, the much-anticipated crypto exchange, announced the launch date for its Bitcoin Futures contracts. Bakkt will be launching bitcoin futures on 23rd September 2019 to institutional investors, according to the update shared on twitter.

Everyone in the cryptospace without a doubt has heard about Bakkt. The platform keeps on standing out as truly newsworthy and there is a valid justification for this publicity. Besides giving enterprise-level digital asset storage, the platform looks to be among the first to offer Bitcoin futures.

The Bakkt stage is one of the most exceptionally anticipated projects in the crypto space and its simple to perceive the reason why. For one, the proprietor of the New York Stock Exchange, ICE (Intercontinental Exchange Inc.), is the developers of the undertaking. Their experience and tremendous network help to navigate the intricate licensing requirements that the project must first meet.

Who condemns Bakkt

With most of the network being stirred about potential help from the bear market, there isn’t a ton of criticism based on ideology this time. When somebody as of now raises a point against Bakkt, but with a valid point.

The Creator of dogecoin Jackson Palmer was not among many cryptocurrency enthusiasts who cheered bakkt, which apparently bring more widespread adoption. Palmar has discussed what he calls the “re-centralization” of the cryptocurrency markets, and notably criticized the direction the industry is heading.

No contradiction to support BAKKT

John Mcafee, who was viewed as the most persuasive voice in the crypto space recently expressed his views on Bakkt, which is in general factful.

In the recent tweet by John Mcafee, he said he is not opposing Bakkt but he won’t be part of it, as it is an institutional exchange meant for Institutions for a level of trust in Bitcoin, but as he says it is the opposite of freedom’s movement.

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