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John McAfee Looking Forward To Launch His Own Cryptocurrency

The Crypto World’s whimsical character and a former software developer John McAfee never stays away from the limelight. He has been very bold in his predictions and speculations, and these stories about himself are not something easy to digest. This time he has come up with an idea of launching his own cryptocurrency. Yes, this is serious and people are surprised that John McAfee would take such a step forward.

“McAfee Freedom Coin” Releasing This Fall

McAfee has not surprisingly named his cryptocurrency a rather waggish one. The name of the crypto is “McAfee Freedom Coin” and it is set to be active this fall onwards. The coin should not be subject to relative price-setting mechanisms that most of the other currencies are following, according to the webpage for the cryptocurrency.

The crypto is supposed to be part of a bigger and greater vision to establish crypto free from the shackles from “fear, greed, manipulation, and the vagaries of external economic conditions”. Apparently, McAfee wants his crypto to be separate from the market and still hold value in the market.  McAfee looks forward to creating the first digital currency only based on purchasing power and nothing else.

He writes :

“The reason such has not occurred is that all goods and services cannot yet be purchased with cryptocurrency, so the currency holder must exchange with a currency that is accepted for what they want.”

McAfee’s Grandeur Ambitions

John McAfee isn’t wrong to take cryptocurrency through a path which makes them independent from outside factors, but being independent is one thing and the crypto market affecting the outside world from changes within itself is another. The thing is McAfee is not taken seriously in the community due to his over the top claims and general behaviour. So, his cryptocurrency being a success is a gamble in the first place.

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