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John McAfee’s recent tweet of exposing corruption in U.S. authorities has drawn the attention of entire market

No matter how enormously the unethical norms expand their boundaries, there is always a moment when it’s taken aback by people as they realize how badly these norms exploit our society.

A somewhat similar situation has shown its clear presence in the crypto market at present when John McAfee drew the entire market’s attention with just a video tweet on Friday afternoon.

John McAfee, cryptocurrency aficionado and repetitive presidential candidate, briefly indicated in that video that in no time he was going to launch a website that primarily focuses on exposing the corruption in the U.S. government. Now as strong as well as bold as this statement may seem, the market believes this might end up being McAfee’s second-most important launch of recent times, having recently unveiled a cryptocurrency exchange.

Moreover, the fact can’t be ignored that while rumors of his demise were exaggerated, he was actually shifting to a new home so that he ensures his security from the U.S authorities.

Since its already quite well known that John has got one of the loudest voices in the market and has made bold statements before too. He feels free to speak about almost anything and that too with a mix of craziness and boldness.

He was indeed the person who threatened Craig Wright to reveal the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto as he ensured that he was 100% sure that Wright is not at all the Satoshi.

However, he backed off later because of some legal reasons.

Well, this time he has promised something even more prodigious, and the market can’t wait to witness what happens next.

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