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Doge cryptocurrency news: John McAfee’s silly but fun way of liking Cryptocurrencies Especially ‘Dogecoin’

John McAfee, founder of the renowned McAfee antivirus has an unusual way of deciding whether a cryptocurrency is good or not. His company, McAfee antivirus was bought by Intel in 2010 for  $7.68 Billion. Now, he is the CEO of Luxcore, a mobile wallet that operates with Blockchain Technology.

McAfee’s Amazing Relationship with the Community

McAfee is loved by the crypto community and is always active on his Twitter handle to respond to his followers or some of his die-hard followers, called “disciples”. From general banter to serious advice, McAfee replies to all those who associate with him. McAfee, a lover of cryptocurrency, made a bold prediction on July 17, 2017, through a Tweet, that at the end of 2020, the price of bitcoin will reach the US $1 million dollars, and if that doesn’t happen; he will, in his own words, “Eat his dick on television”.

McAfee’s Bias for Short Named Cryptos

Through his social media presence, mainly Twitter, we have seen that McAfee is a strong proponent for less syllabled and short named cryptocurrencies. When someone asked him on Twitter his views on Ethereum, he said in a witty fashion that his friends who hold Ethereum are the ones who dress in an odd fashion. Also, he expressed his views on Ethereum sounding weird and when asked about the weird spelling, he said that he doesn’t care about the spelling it just has to sound good.

Just like Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO, McAfee has a fondness for the meme fuelled cryptocurrency called “Dogecoin”, as his behavior makes him a “memer” as well. Also, his thoughts on Buterin are that it is malnourished crypto and is overlooked by other famous counterparts.

McAfee clears the point that this banter should not be taken into consideration for any kind of investment. McAfee is an also supporter of making America investing online which is shown by his agreement to a supporter of this movement who describes bitcoin and other cryptos as “digital gold”.

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