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John’s Mcafeedex –Will No Kyc and No Restrictions Appeal to the Masses?

John McAfee, a computer programmer, a software entrepreneur and Bitcoin bull is recently in the spotlight after he announced the launch of McAfeeDex,  an Ethereum blockchain-based decentralized exchange.

‘’A preview of what’s coming Monday: Requires no name, no documents, no email, no bank info. Transaction details were private. Nothing monitored. Nothing recorded. No restrictions. No listing fees. 0.25% transaction fees. Completely decentralized.’’

– were the words of John on his official twitter account as he was publishing it.

The official website claims that the beta version of the offering is likely to be launched on 7 October outlining that the platform would only take a humble amount of taker’s fee at 0.25% rate and absolutely no maker fee however this was an unpleasing statement to some of his followers owing to the high fee the platform would charge.

John brings into notice the fact that the platform ‘frees us from Government’s cornerstone of control’ inviting the mass to play with the beta version with patience as the result may take some time to splash into a favorable benefit.

He tweeted-

‘’The McAfee distributed beta version is coming 10/7. Play with it. It takes time for enough users to join to make it real,  but if you play, and be patient, you will see it’s the door the frees us from the Government’s cornerstone of control; Flat currencies. It cannot be shut down’’

John also shows a slight glance of his present scene of the disagreements with the government, he emphasizes that the speakers of truth are always criticized and cross-checked by the government. He feels that the platform is a good way of ‘throwing off the yoke of a burdensome government’.

‘’The reason governments are after me has nothing to do with taxes, guns, drugs or anything as mundane. Its because I speak the truth about how we can throw off the yoke of a burdensome government. We have the tools: Distributed exchanges and privacy coins’

John had always been watched criticizing the ‘’corrupt system’’ and blaming it  to cease public progress

‘’We must make a decision which may change many things. Blockchain technology. Do we bow to the corrupt system we are trying to escape, or do we do the right thing for our species? The technology which is of the people MUST BE FOR THE PEOPLE’’

– said John on his formal Twitter account.

The decentralized exchange will be running on Ethereum blockchain so the company has announced immediate and free addition of any ETH based token.

‘’Any ETH based taken can be added instantly and free’’

John also spoke about his previous downfalls and stated that his past failures had a lesson and he had been diligently working and burning the midnight oil to successfully launch McAfeeDex. John had previously failed to achieve the desired outputs with the ‘Freedom Coin’ and had quit it to join the Currency Exchange as an advisor. Amidst a tough competition with the dominant masses like Waves Dex, Binance and ShapeShift, John claims that his tremendous efforts of the last one year are going to bear fruits.

How far the ‘MUST BE FOR PEOPLE’ technology is going to make his way will be answered after the launch on Monday but as a service, a humble cost and a huge profit are all that is required by the dynamic mass.

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