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Justin Sun and Warren Buffett together for Lunch, to unwrap further layers

Founder of Tron, Justin Sun, rocked Wall Street when he made the winning offer to have lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffett. He was able to gather the attention of Bitcoin hater Buffett and Becky Quick of CNBC together in one go, which so far reflected the mood of her golden guest. Sun made the famous bid of $4.57 million, and now he has the staring in his hands, which is too amusing for the blood of other auctions. Sun got to interviewed by CNBC’s Quick at CNBC in Squawk Box, where he explained his three-party strategy of giving millions to Buffett’s audience, he said, “I want to become the bridge between the institutional investor and also financial institutions [and] traditional investors like Warren Buffett between the crypto community and also Blockchain.”

This is a great contribution to the three-hour lunch, given that Berkshire Hathaway’s Chief Executive has shown nothing but abusive rhetoric of Bitcoin and Crypt Space. Sun has also expressed the desire to bring seven block leaders at lunch with him. They plan to “communicate with Warren Buffett about the Blockchain technology and the possibility behind it.” Buffett is disgraceful in the Blockchain ecosystem to call Bitcoin a “square rat poison,” but if you ask Justin Sun, it’s not the billionaire’s fault. Sun said, “I’m thinking Warren Buffett just doesn’t have the right source for the Blockchain industry news and he is misled by the media most of the time. So that’s why we want to have lunch with him, communicated with him – in these 10 years, since 2009, how much progress we have made.”

Why Buffett didn’t like Bitcoin? He has chosen to ignore the Bitcoin and the industry because he is not able to understand it properly and feel unsafe and threatened by it. To blame the media as a whole is reckless. However, Sun does not expect to change Warren Buffett’s thought of Bitcoin for three hours. “But definitely we will offer him a different opinion on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology”, said Sun. Warren Buffett still does not understand, Sun has made his point. In fact, the first step on the ladder of the Tron founder’s strategy reflects this: “I have been a long time believer in the value investment strategy. I’ve also made [a] … fortune from Warren Buffett inspiration. So basically, I want to just payback to Warren Buffett for his inspiration.”

Since the beginning of the year, Tron’s TRX marker is barely a treasured investment that claims a market capitalization of $ 2.3 billion and can see its fizz with nearly 80. However, TRX has struck in the last 24 hours, losing nearly 6%. BitTorrent (BTT), of which Sun is CEO, is now 9% sharper. BTT has upsurge three digit percentage. While we’re on the subject, we must know the fact that the Cryptocurrencies under Sun’s approach are closer to investing in expansion rather than price. If we talk about BitTorrent, this is another motivation behind Sun’s multi-million dollar offer for lunch. He is a fan of the San Francisco-based GLIDE Foundation, which is dedicated to helping “the poor, the homeless, and those who fight drug abuse.” Tron and San Francisco-based BitTorrent are also similar to GLIDE “focused on the local community.”

Since the bidding war has been won by Justin Sun, he shows a completely different side of himself. He plans to invite arch-rival Vitalik Buterin, who co-founded the competitive Blockchain Ethereum, as well as Litecoin founder Charlie Lee. Obviously, it will take more than three hours lunch to convince Buffett to make him understand Bitcoin more clearly and believe that Bitcoin is not evil. But for Justin Sun, it is just another cup of tea.

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