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Lesser Known Cryptocurrency Experiences Record Rise in Price

Matic Network, a relatively lesser-known cryptocurrency, experienced a massive 76% rise in a single day. Matic Network, being able to pull off such astounding numbers currently sits at the price of approximately US $0.03.

Another Binance Success Story

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange platform for more than 100 Cryptos. Since 2018, it is considered the biggest platform in terms of the trading volume. Also, Binance is one for launching many cryptocurrencies through it Binance Launchpad Coins Network. Matic Network is one of those successful coins that have been launched through this network. It has shown some impressive returns for a project that was only launched less than a month ago on this platform.

Taking Steps in the Right Direction

Matic Network was a gainer at the time of market slowdown where major players like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and even ZCash were flatlining or even going down. Its main purpose is to boost Ethereum and gain a platform itself. It has gained but maintaining the success will be difficult for the team over at Matic Network.

Fortunately, they have shown signs of improvement and decisions taken are proven to be successful before. They are aiming to launch a new digital wallet for easier transactions. Also, they are aiming to get registered on Coinbase and do transactions there with easier access to the Coinbase wallet.

While the community also hopes it gets registered on Coinbase, but it can be a risky aspect. Coinbase is known for being a harsh environment for newer projects and often known as the “Coin Killer”. Will it scale from being on Coinbase or will it plummet down, that is in their hands how they handle the situation. A really new project gaining traction is exciting in the Crypto market and hopes of the Crypto community are there that it becomes a success.

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