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Litecoin’s Founder Charlie Lee predicts the Flappening will Happen this Year

The founder of Litecoin (LTC) and former Director of Engineering at Coinbase, Charlie Lee is known for his bold statements in the crypto world. He had recently targeted Bitcoin cash and Ethereum in his recent tweet.

The “flippening” refers to the high hopes of Ethereum fans – that one-day things will change and ethereum will successfully become the no.1 cryptocurrency by Marketcap on which Lee commented that “will never happen”. But his next sentence he predicts that in case of bitcoin cash a litecoin, “it will happen”  Stating Litecoin will overtake Bitcoin Cash “this year”.

Lee states confidently, moon rocket emotes and all, that LTC will surpass BCH this year. Bcash currently holds the #4 position, with Litecoin trailing close behind at #5. There is an approximate difference of only $7.5 billion between the two.

Litecoin Cash Forks  Went Unnoticed

Few days have passed since the litecoin blockchain was forked, and so far, litecoin cash (LCC) has drastically failed to create any impact. After a little spike in cost late in the week, and soon thereafter litecoin cash moved above $7 per token, the new digital currency tumbled to around $3 throughout the end of the week. This implies litecoin cash is only a little level of the estimation of the litecoin venture.

Another possible cause of litecoin cash’s steady start is that no major exchange has yet announced its support for the litecoin cash token yet. Early on, LCC was listed only on YoBit.  Also, the name of the token can be a considerable drawback  Litecoin’s creator, Charlie Lee, even spoke out about the decision to call the token “litecoin cash,” saying that it was reminiscent of the polarizing bitcoin cash fork.


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