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Lucien Chen, CTO of TRON , kicked out of the firm when found involved in unethical activities

A major incident took place at one of the fastest growing firm called TRON, when Lucien Chen, the Chief Technical Officer of TRON(TRX) announced that he would no longer be a part of the project. It was astonishing as Lucien has been with TRON since 2017 and it’s hard to witness him saying that TRON is no longer TRON.

What Does CHEN had to say about TRON?

On his way out of the firm, Chen made some serious comments on TRON saying that the firm is no more capable of running internet applications. Moreover, Chen firmly believes that TRON has actually abandoned the spirit of blockchain.

He further added:

“The whole project has developed into a monetary tool without any “decentralize the web” spirit.The technology platform of TRON was built by me. I certainly know that the real Internet applications cannot function in TRON network at all currently. The TRON ecosystem is still far from commercial applications that users can really apply to.”

However the actual messed up scenario started when just a few days after Lucien’s announcement, TRON PR sprung into action. It was then revealed that Lucien never left the firm on his own, but was fired from TRON months ago in January 2019.

So why was Chen kicked out?

When the firm was asked for specific reasons that made them throw their Chief Technical Officer out of the company, TRON gave a brief list of reasons that made Chen intolerable.

According to the firm, Chen was involved in some of those unethical activities which were not at all appreciable. He was involved in Bribery, Competitive Infringement, Theft of Trade secrets as well as Intellectual property and Suspicion of Misappropriation of Funds, etc.

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