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Max Keiser stated giving a challenge to Bitcoin by Economists “Look stupid”

Max Keiser, the American broadcaster and presenter of the self-designated financial Keiser reports, is a famous Bitcoin supporter. Kaiser is a long period clear supporter of the virtual currencies as a system of activity of independent financial jurisdiction.

Particularly in a current episode of his show The Keiser Report, he described he soon will going to talk at the coming event of Bitcoin. Furthermore, he started to demonstrate his opinions in the context of developing the technology.

He stated while going deeper into the topic, “Bitcoin is on its own journey and it has a way of making people who challenge it look really stupid.”

“In the Bitcoin space, of course, you have Craig Wright, you had Roger Ver, you had Mike Hearn, these type of people who suffer from Bitcoin Derangement Syndrome…. Now in the past couple years, you’ve got Noureil Roubini, Paul Krugman, and a few others that are in the mainstream economics who are looking very stupid because they never took the time to investigate what Bitcoin is all about.”

This statement came after the co-host of the Keiser’s show Stacy Herbert had observed the currency rise in the value of Bitcoin.

Following this Keiser also gave advice that a state-administrated perhaps soon walk in the marker and starts Bitcoin mining for what he states “strategic reserve purposes”.

Moreover, he also extended on this, forecasting that national organizations will challenge each other for hash control in the coming future, in a step to gain authority of the Bitcoin system. He also stated this could possibly draw the value of Bitcoin to rise upward.

He said, “The hash war will be played out on a state-level that’s what will take us all-time highs.”
But, we have to point out that this statement of Keiser is really different from the globally approved observation. Many investors or traders who have invested in the Bitcoin currency is because of getting out of the governmental monetary administration and it is not possible for them to stay silent if nation-state tries to take the authorization over the Bitcoin system.

It’s not clear that can Bitcoin hold the interest of people after the authorization of governmental institutions. And it’s also not clear that can government be able to take authority over the Bitcoin.

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